Which breed is the fastest rabbit?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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The fastest domestic rabbit is the Beligan Hare. Beware: Beligan hares are very snappy and bites for protection. This breedof rabbit was bred to be meat not as pets, but people made pets out of them anyway.

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a giant lop is the most aggressive breed of rabbit

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Q: Which breed is the fastest rabbit?
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Which is faster a rabbit or a tiger?

the fastest breed of rabbit can go at 45mph, but the average is 25mph most tigers can run at 35mph so it depends on the species of both animals

Is this a rabbit breed long eared rabbit?

Long earred rabbit is not a rabbit breed, The breed with the long ears are Lops, There is mini lops, holland lops, french lops, English lops

What is the rarest breed of rabbit?

Sumatran rabbit

What can you breed a dutch rabbit with?

a mexican rabbit

The fastest rabbit in the world?

Jack rabbit is actually a common hare. This is the fastest hare and faster than any rabbit (and one of the fastest land animals). It can reach speeds up to 50 mph.

What if you bred a mini lop and a Californian?

You can breed any rabbit if it is a rabbit and it is the right age to breed.

How big can a rabbit become?

It depends on what breed the rabbit is.

What is the easiest Angora Rabbit breed?

The French breed.

What is the fatest rabbit?

the Jack Rabbit can run up to 45mph (fastest)

Will your rabbit breed with the mother?


How do you make a female rabbit pregnant?

breed it with a boy rabbit

What are the rarest breed of rabbit?

the germish spotted dear rabbit