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All of the animals use poison except bats. They might bite you, and they might have rabies, but they don't have any poison.

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Q: Which is not poisonous to people Gila monster man of war wasp or bat?
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Green headed wasps in Turkey are they poisonous?

Wasp stings are not poisonous, but can be dangerous if the person has an allergy to the chemicals in a wasp sting. This principle applies to the Green Headed Wasp.

Are wasp fish dangerous?

Yesss. They are spiny and poisonous.

Which is worse a wasp sting or a hover fly sting?

Well, wasp sting is more poisonous than bee sting

Are Waspfish poisonous?

Wasp fish are poisonous and spiny. If you touch their fins or spine, you can get badly cut and poisoned. In addition, wasp fish have been known to eat smaller fish.

A harmless moth that resembles a poisonous wasp is an example of?

A harmless moth that resembles a poisonous wasp is an example of Batesian mimicry. The name comes from Henry Walter Bates, who was an English naturalist.

Which is more poisonous a wasp or a hornet?

A hornet because of its larger size

An Egyptian snake makes up 75 percent of this insects name?

Wasp An asp is a poisonous snake that can be found in Egypt.

Are red wasp poisonous?

Yes. It is a solitary wasp and does not protect its nest and is not an aggressive wasp in general. But, will sting if handled. Its sting is far worse than a yellow jacket in my opinion.

Why does the Yellow-banded Wasp Moth look like a wasp?

To protect itself from predators. Most predators will avoid it, thinking it may be a poisonous wasp or hornet. It is harmless.....unless you are a bores into wood.

What is the most poisonous fish in the sea?

Pufferfish is one of the most poisonous fish in the world.

Is the polka dot wasp moth poisonous?

No, and they do not sting. They are merely moths that resemble wasps Save

Is the Orange Caterpillar Parasite Wasp sting poisonous?

yes but that doesn't mean it is dangerous to humans.