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Pig iron is generally an intermediate product of the wrought iron and steel making process. Pig iron is virtually useless due to the very high impurity content. "Pure" is a strange quantification of the comparison between pig iron and wrought iron. Pig iron is pure pig iron and wrought iron is pure wrought iron if there is a "standard" for the respective materials. I'm guessing that the answer you want is that wrought iron is "more pure."

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Q: Which is purer wrought or pig iron?
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Is wrought iron is the purest form of iron or pig iron is the most purest form of iron?

Wrought iron is purer than pig iron. When purifying iron ore in a furnace furnace, air is passed through a "charge" of iron ore, limestone, and some form of carbon, charcoal or coal. This "smelting" process is a chemical change: the molten iron produced is tapped from the furnace as "pig" iron. Pig iron is iron with a high carbon content as well as some sulfur. Due to it's impurities pig iron has a lower melting point and is acceptable for casting but not forging. Wrought Iron is made much the same way with the exception of the carbon source being used is coke, a purified form of bituminous coal. Coke being a purer form of carbon burns smokeless and imparts little to no carbon to the iron allowing more impurities to burn out. This byproduct is wrought iron. Wrought iron is acceptable for either casting or forging.

What is the name for the hearth used to convert pig iron into wrought iron?


Types of iron?

There are three types of Iron 1. Pig Iron 2. Cast Iron 3. Wrought Iron (Commercially purest form of iron)

Some examples of Ferrous metals?

Ferrous metals are metals that contain Iron. These include Steel, pig iron, cast iron, and wrought iron.

Is iron an element a mixture or a compound?

iron (i.e., pure) is a metal / element in the periodic table, but types of iron are compounds like wrought iron, pig iron cast iron., etc.

What are the uses of iron ore?

Iron Ore is an Iron Compound. Iron ore is usually used to make pig iron(metallic iron), cast iron, corrugated iron structural sheeting, and wrought iron.

Is Wrought iron heavier than Cast iron?

Wrought Iron is heavier by about 8%.

What is a galvanized wrought iron pipe?

galvanize wrought iron pipe

Name three ferrous alloys used by modern metalworkers?

Gray Iron Pig Iron Wrought Iron You can see all in related link wikipedia article

Is there chemical formula for wrought iron?

The compositing for wrought iron is 98.5 Fe

What is an example of a ferrous metal?

wrought iron, cast iron, pig ironIn other words, a ferrous metal is one which contains iron (whose elemental symbol is Fe).

Which substance has minimum quantity of carbon among steel pig iron wrought iron and cast iron?

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