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im trying to figure out the same thing and found this...kinda frustrating :(

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Q: Which song has the lyrics higher than Saturn higher than Pluto Higher than Mars?
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Put these into order of size Pluto Jupiter earth Saturn?

Smallest to largest - Pluto, Earth, Saturn, Jupiter.

Why do you weigh more on earth then on Pluto?

You weigh more on Earth than on Pluto because Earth has a higher gravitational pull than Pluto does.

What was discovered first Pluto or Saturn?


How are the planets Pluto and Saturn different?

The size. Sturn is Much bigger. Saturn is not solid, Pluto is.

Who is Saturn's dad?

Pluto was originated to have been Saturn's father.

What is outer planets?

* Jupter * Saturn * Urans * Nepturn * And Sometime Pluto * Jupter * Saturn * Urans * Nepturn * And Sometime Pluto

Is Charon one of Saturn's moons?

No. Charon is a moon of Pluto, not Saturn.

Would you weigh the least on Jupiter Pluto Saturn or earth?

Which planet would I weigh the least Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, or Earth

Which word from this sentence is not an adverb Pluto sometimes approaches nearer to the sun than Saturn because Pluto's orbit is quite eccentric?

Pluto is not an adverb. Pluto is a proper noun being that it is the name of a moon of Saturn.

Is Pluto's orbit shorter then Saturn's?

Pluto orbits the sun, as does Saturn, but Saturn is closer to the sun than Pluto is, so Pluto has much further to go to orbit the sun. Pluto's orbit is longer than Saturn's.

What are Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune and Pluto?

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are planets.. oviously, and pluto is a dwarf planet, was that a serious question..

What comes first Pluto titan or Neptune?

Titan is one of Saturn's moons. So, in order from the Sun, It would be Saturn, Neptune, and then Pluto.