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i have n idea caze im in stage 2 you computetr with a huge brain

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Q: Who is the 'Hunter Horse' of the Century?
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What is horse riding working hunter?

Working Hunter is the division of riding that only the professional horse riders ride in with the most athletic hunter horses. Hunters in the horse world is when horse and rider are judged over fences for their style and grace instead of strength and speed for the jumpers. The working hunter is where instead of jumping 3 feet 6 inches like the junior hunters or amateur owner hunters, these horses jump 4 feet.

What is a hunter pony?

There are basically two different type of ponies an equitation and a hunter. A hunter horse simply means that it has a nice gait, nice movement, stride, and a nice rounded jump to it. If you ever compete in a hunter division, it pretty much means that the judge is judging the horse more than the rider. So when you are being judged, you want you make it look like the horse is doing all the work. At a trot and/or canter, you want to let the reins go loose and let your horse stretch its neck. And at the jumps you want the horse/pony's leg to round up by its head. You cant trust this information (: I compete in both hunter and equitation with my 4 yr old pony :D

What was D'Artagnan's horse's name?

In the novel, D'Artagnan actually has many horses. In 17th Century France, a horse was often changed.

If a horses ears are slanted backwords your horse is?

When a horse's ears are slanted backwards, the horse is paying attention to something behind him. If you are on the horse's back, this is good unless you are competing in hunter/jumper classes where the judge wants to see the ears forward which tells you that the horse is looking for the next jump. However, if the ears are flat back against the horse's head, the horse is warning you or another animal to back off.

What does the horse was under saddle mean?

Under saddle is a term that is used for hunter rail classes. Hunter under saddle is a flat class (meaning no jumping is involved). The main focus of the judging is the movement of the horse and their mannerisms in the show pen.A Hunter under saddle horse should demonstate smooth ground covering strides that are ideally suited to "the Hunt". This means the horse would be a pleasant mount to use in Fox Hunting, as they are easy to ride, and can easily take a jump if necessary.The rider will be asked to perform at the Walk, Trot, and Canter both directions of the ring. Riders will also be asked to Back the horse. Optional gaits that may also be called for are the extension of the Trot and Hand Gallop.

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What are hunter in horse riding tems?

hunter is all about look and manners. regular hunters is where they judge the horse, and hunter equitation is when they judge the person riding.

What is the difference between hunter under saddle and hunter in hand?

Under saddle usually means you ride the horse,in hand means you lead it .Hunter is a horse used for hunting.

Jobs for a horse?

carrige horse showjumper hunter ect............. xx

How did the hunter horse get its name?

it wos a horse that went hunting with the owner

Is the constellation Orion named after a mythological horse?

No, Orion is not a horse. He is a hunter.

Is a hunter horse a horse that jumps in shows?

A hunter horse can jump, but it is not made for just that. It is usually used for hunting, hence its name, it can also be used as an all- rounder. hope that helped.

Can paso finos be used as hunter horses?

Yep, you can use any horse for a hunter:)

What was Robert the Bruces horse called?


Is the Waler a draft horse?

No, it is a saddle horse, classed as a heavy hunter it does have draft in its bloodlines.

What kind of horse do you have?

I have a chestnut gelding, he is an ex-race horse, but he does hunter-jumper now... :)

What breed is War Horse the horse?

the horses's name is Joey, and i think he is an irish hunter / thoroughbred.

What is the best horse for packing and hunting?

Irish sports horse always! Or a regestered hunter from a breeder.