Who wrote Pigs Might Fly?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the person who wrote this book is a person.

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Q: Who wrote Pigs Might Fly?
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Pigs might fly?

No, pigs will never be able to fly.

What is the Latin for 'Pigs might fly'?

in it's turm{DO PIGS REALLY FLY}?it really means that in your mind that somethin is going on in your mind!

What is the genre of the book pigs might fly?

because they are fat

What is the meaning of pigs might fly?

It is used an ironic expression of total disbelief.

What time of the year do pigs fly?

Pigs do not fly.

What is something pigs can not do?

Pigs cannot fly... Hence the saying "when pigs fly".

Do pigs have wings what does this mean?

It is referring to the phrase "Pigs might fly". It means that they don't have wings, so if you have asked someone a question and their response was "Do pigs have wings?". their answer is "NO".

How fast can pigs fly at?

The speed of mud.

When pigs fly is what literary device?

"When pigs fly" is an example of an idiom.

Can pigs swim?

Can pigs fly

What is an example sentence for when pigs fly idiom?

When pigs fly i will own the apple companyWhen pigs fly hell will freezeWhen pigs fly i will be the richest man/woman in the worldThink of things that will NEVER happen in your life.

Why cant pigs fly and how can you test this?

pigs can't fly because nobody has put wings on them and taught them how to. ask a scientist about the how can you test this stuff, but i know that one day pigs will fly. so don't stop believing that pigs will fly, maby YOU will be the one to make pigs fly, who knows?