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Habitat loss, human disturbance and competition.

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They are not they are in fact of least concern The farthest from endangered any animal can be.

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Q: Why are thirteen lined ground squirrels endangered?
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What kind of species of squirrels are in Utah?

There are two common species of squirrels in Utah. They are the Uinta Ground Squirrel and the Red Tree squirrels. These are commonly found in the forests of Utah.

What has the author Lemen J Wells written?

Lemen J. Wells has written: 'Seasonal sexual rhythm and its experimental modification in the male of the thirteen-lined ground squirrel (Citellus tridecemlineatus) ..' -- subject(s): Ground-squirrels, Male Generative organs, Reproduction

Is the thirteen lined ground squirrel found in Iowa?

yes they are often called squinnies

The home range of a Thirteen-lined ground squirrel?


What type of squirrels are in South Dakota?

Here is a list of the types of squirrels found in South Dakota.Source:'s Ground SquirrelThirteen-lined Ground SquirrelSpotted Ground SquirrelFranklin's Ground SquirrelBlack-tailed Prairie DogEastern Gray SquirrelEastern Fox SquirrelRed SquirrelNorthern Flying Squirrel

What dangerous animals live in Illinois?

Buffalo are native wild animals. They have been reintroduced into Illinois after being killed by humans.White-tailed deer, beaver, moles, voles, ground hogs, Virginia oppossums, eastern cottontailed rabbits, Frankin's ground squirrels, eastern chipmunks, thirteen-lined ground squirrels, little brown bats, and many more animals are native to Illinois.

What is the scientific name or taxonomic classification of the animal Thirteen-lined ground squirrel?

The scientific or taxonomic name would be Spermophilus tridecemlineatus.

What is a squirrels homemade of?

They are made of twigs and leaves. The interior is lined with fur, feathers or other soft material for comfort.

What are lined canals?

the ditch in the ground and cemented from inside to stop the salinity and water.

What above ground pool is the best?

a steel panel vinyl lined is probaly the most ecomical

Are gophers and prairie dogs the same?

Technically, no. The loose, colloquial use of the term "gopher" might include any ground squirrel, and prairie dogs are indeed ground-living members of the family Sciuridae, but they are usually not considered gophers.True gophers are of the family Geomyidae, and not in the squirrel family at all. They are, of course, in the same order, Rodentia.Other ground squirrels often called gophers are of the genus Spermophilius, including the striped gopher or thirteen-lined ground squirrel (S. tridecemlineatus), the flickertail or Richardson's ground squirrel (S. richardsonii), and others.Prairie dogs are of the tribe Marmotini, genus Cynomys, and there are about five species.So, to diagram the relationship:Order Rodentia- Superfamily Geomyoidae-- Family Geomyidae (true gophers)- Family Sciuridae-- Tribe Marmotini--- Genus Spermophilius (ground squirrels, many of which are called "gophers")--- Genus Cynomys (prairie dogs)(I hope that's clear!)See: term gopher as it is commonly used does not relate to any one species, but is a generic term used to describe any of several small burrowing rodents endemic to North America, including the pocket gopher (family Geomyidae), also called true gophers, and the ground squirrel (family Sciuridae), including Richardson's ground squirrel and species of prairie dog.

In what habitat would you find a meerkat?

a meerkats habitat is like a desert. they like playing with toys when young. and build burrows to sleep in. they eat both meat and non meat! for exampleinsectssmall mammalslizardssnakesspiderseggsplantsrootsand berries.