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Antivenom is produced by using rabbits- so if you are bit and the rabbit saved your life your life then you owe a life debt to the rabbit and foreswear eating rabbit

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No. You said to ask you anything. I've asked.

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Q: Why can't you eat rabbit if you get bitten by a rattlesnake?
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Can you eat rabbit if bitten by a rattlesnake?

Yes, it would be safe to consume because the venom of a rattlesnake is not a poison. The venom would be deactivated by the cooking process, also.

Can a rattlesnake eat a jack rabbit?

Yes, a large rattler could eat an adult jackrabbit.

Does a rattlesnake eat a mule deer?

It depends on the size of the Rattlesnake - and the rabbit. Larger 'Rattlers' will certainly eat large rodents (such as rats and small rabbits).

Would an eagle eat a rattlesnake?

Yes, it would, but the rattlesnake has poison.

What would eat a rabbit alive?

A buzzard. Buzzards are scavengers, meaning they eat things that are already dead. A python or a boa. Possibly even a rattlesnake, viper, cottonmouth or any other snake if the rabbit is small enough. Any large carnivorous animal will eat a live rabbit. Of course, the "process" of eating the "live" rabbit kills it anyway, so when you think about it, the animal is eating a "dead" rabbit.

If a dog ate a rattlesnake is the dog safe?

Rattlesnakes are not poisonous to eat. As long as the dog was not bitten in the process, it is in no danger. The venom is only dangerous when injected or if it gets into tissues or the blood through a wound or ulcer.

Is a pig a rattlesnake's enemy?

Pigs, especially wild pigs, will kill and eat a rattlesnake.

Do diamondbacks eat deers?

Diamondback rattlesnakes are carnivores, or meat eaters. However, they are too small to hunt deer, because they only eat animals they can swallow whole. However, if a deer stepped on a rattlesnake, it would probably be bitten and then succumb to the snake's venom.

Would rattlesnake eat a desert tortoise?

No, desert tortoises are not on a rattlesnake's menu.

How much food can a rattlesnake eat in a day?

This depends on how big the rattlesnake is but they can eat from 10 to 15 small animals a day normally.

Can a antelope eat a rattlesnake?

No, antelope do not eat any snakes

Do rabbits have rabis?

Rabbits do not carry rabies but can get them if bitten by a rabid animal such as a fox, coyote, dog. skunk or wolf.