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Actually, you can't bring a fly back to life with salt.

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Q: Why can you drown a fly and then bring it back to life with salt?
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Why does a fly come back to life after 5 to 10 minutes of drowning if you pile salt onto it?

FACT IS YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PILE SALT ON THE FLY IT WILL COME BACK ANYWAYS PROVEN FACT my brother, Robert Morley has been experimenting with this and by accident he found this out by pouring out a cup of coffee that had a fly in it into the sink and saw it com back to life a little while later - flying 15-20 Min's later- my brother believes that it was revived by the stainless steel stating that it draws water - I think this could be true but kinda think the fly will come back to life anyways he said he is going to do a test to see with the salt -without the salt -and in the stainless steel sink and i think he also said on a paper towel but that's a lot of fly drowning- I wonder if he will group drown them or one by one hahaha that's sick Still it's clever saying he isn't a scientist or anything!

Can dried out star fish be brought back to life?

No more than a dried out Egyptian Mummy can be brought back to life. No, once a starfish is dead and dried it remains dead.

What kills frogs?

Common salt kills a frog. Just pour some salt on the frogs back and see what happens. people kill frogs. just like people kill people. salt does not kill a frog .it just agitates them and make them go all crazy.

Can alligators live in saltwater?

Like Crocodiles, Alligators have salt glands. However, unlike crocodiles, these are not active, and so the alligator can perhaps only stay in salt water for a few hours at the MOST. Crocodiles are more adapted to life in the ocean than alligators, because their salt glands work :)

Can hamsters eat salt?

Hamsters need salt. Rather than giving them actual salt, try giving them a salt lick.

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Why can you drown a fly and bring it back to life with salt?

Because the fly was not completely dead

Can you drown a fly and bring him back to life?

yes you can i did it plenty of times just drown it then grab the salt and drown the fly in it for 2 min and watch the magic

Can you bring dead coral back to life by putting it in salt water?


Can you bring starfish back to life?

I think you can't bring a dead starfish back to life because it is dead unless you bring it straight to your house after you catch it. But be sure to put it in salt water. I'm going to try this and then reply to tell you if it works. But you have to live on the beach in order to bring it home and nurse it back to health.

Why don't people not drown in red sea?

You can not drown in the red sea because it has too much salt and salt helps you stay above the water.You could read a newspaper in it and you would not drown.

Why cant you drown in the great salt lake?

you cant drown in it because it has a lot a LOT of sat in it

Can bring a dried out starfish back to to life?

first put it in water with regular salt [ preferably kosher salt or sea salt ] wait about 6 days before it lives again the way you know it is alive is look on the back of it and it will look different by : Nana boateng

Can drowning flies come back to life from salt?

Yes they can. Bugs don't drown the same way we do. It doesn't get in their longues, their bodies absorb the water. When you pour salt on the bug it extracts the water that was absorbed and it comes back to life. It will only work if the bug drowned recently though. It can't be a bug that drowned a week or so ago.

Why do flies come back to life with salt?

they dont

Why can not you drown in the dead sea?

you can drown in the dead sea if you want but the concentration of salt is so high that you automatically float therefore you can't drown unless you really want to

Why is it that salt can kill slugs when sprinkled on them but will make alive a dead fly when sprinkled upon one?

Salt cannot bring a fly back to life, it kills slugs because salt absorbs the water and dries them up. Salt cannot bring a fly back to life. It can revive it from a sleep which naturally occurs when the fly is faced with overwhelming pain though. Salt has certain properties which makes it draw moisture from things around it. As a slug has a very high percentage of water in its body, it is easy for salt to draw the water from the slug, causing its osmolarity rate to slow and it will become severly dehydrated and shrivel up, a waterless shell.

How did scientists bring some dogs back from death?

They temporarily replace their blood wih a salt solution.

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Why does a fly come back to life after 5 to 10 minutes of drowning if you pile salt onto it?

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