Why do birds fly to east in winters?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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ecause there drawn to warth and something in there brain a since like thing drives them forward.... like geese move south for winter cause it gets cold here so they move..

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Im pretty sure its because what they "enjoy" living of of is up north but their "favorate" food cant survive north in winter

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cuz its warmer over there

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Q: Why do birds fly to east in winters?
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How does the birds know where to fly in the winters?

Birds know when to migrate back north when the length of daylight increases.

Why birds fly east to west at morning?

Its because of the sun

How do birds spent their winters?

They do the same thing here,but they are in the south because the hate winter.All birds fly south when winter comes

Why only birds fly?

It is not only birds that fly. Bats fly and they are not birds.

Why birds always fly from south country to east country?

It all depends on the weather! If it is about to rain you will notice that the birds will be trying to getting away.

Can birds fly when the wind is east or when a butterfly sings a song of ants?

Yes it sure can unless it is a penguin.

Why would thousands of birds fly south and east during the middle of winter?

To get away from the cold and go to the heat

Yes birds can fly?

Most birds can fly. Not all.

True or flase birds use wings and feathers to fly so all birds can fly?

To say that birds use wings and feathers to fly, so all birds can fly, would be false. Not all birds can fly. An ostrich is an example of a bird that cannot fly.

Which has easier living the birds that can fly or the birds that can not?

The birds that can fly because it is easier for them to find food.

Do carnail the birds fly?

all birds fly xept penguins

What is the difference between birds that fly and birds that don't fly?

There is no such thing as a dinosaur that flys. The difference between a pteradoctyl and a bird is: Birds have feathers and pteradoctyl's don't. The difference between a oviraptor and a bird is: Oviraptor have hands and birds have wings.