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Because the aerodynamics of all bird's wings (except for the ostrich emu penguin and other non flying birds) at a side view looks like a bullet, and the air travels faster and more smoothly than an arm ( is there a single living creature without wings or streched out skin which can fly, if you find one tell me), and if you don't accept that I'll go even more simple, God made it that way.

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Some birds spread their wings just cuz they feel like it. Like how a human may raise or move their arms for no reason. And other times it's because they're getting ready to take off because something might be approaching them. So they put their wings up just in case.

Oftentimes a bird will lift its' wings during the morning hours just to get some air in between their feathers. At other times they may be making room in their nest for their young to move about.

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Q: Why do birds spread their wings but not always take off?
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Is birds wings a pronoun?

No, both 'birds' and 'wings' are nouns, the plural form of the nouns 'bird' and 'wing'.A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a sentence. The pronouns that take the place of the nouns 'birds' or 'wings' are they as a subject, and them as an object in a sentence.If you are trying to say 'the wings of the bird', then the noun 'bird' must be in the possessive form to show that the wings belong to the bird: the bird's wings.Or, if you mean 'the wings of the birds', you need the plural possessive form for the plural noun birds: the birds' wings.

Why do buzards have to hop before the take flight?

I think it has to do with their wingspan. Their wings are so long they have to hop to really be able to spread them out. I think their wingspan is over 6 foot in length on some birds.

How do birds flap their wings purfectly to be able to take off?

their hollow bones

Why do birds pull their wings down when they first take off?

a bird sharply pulls down its wings as it did when it pushed off the ground

What do wings protect birds from?

In addition to enabling birds to take flight to avoid danger, their wings help protect them from the cold. Their feathers are hollow, which acts as an insulator, thus helping them stay warmer.

Why does your cockatiel always show their wings when you enter the room?

I think he just wants to come out and interact with you, they are intelligent birds and need stimulation as well as companionship. Take him out and let him climb on you for a while.

How is moa bird protected?

it is protected since there are they have specials wings called flarimonglous flaps. they are extremply strong wings that protect them for being injured when falling ( moa birds usally clutches ) and since wings are so stong baby moa birds can take a ride on the mamas wings when tryings to escape a pray

How do bats take off?

Bats do not 'take off' they cannot do that. They just drop from the tree and spread their wings. That is why they hang upside-down.

How to birds are clean their wings?

Most birds like parakeets preen their feathers by putting a feather in their beak and sliding it across. By doing this the barbcules and the hooklets connect back together making the feathers more stable.

How long does it take for clipped bird to grow back?

Wings on most birds can take up to about four - five months to grow back enough to be of concern.

How do birds take off?

They start flapping their wings and generally run in the direction they want to go. Some start at a height, for example taking off from a tree or a cliff edge. Water birds such as Swans run allong the water to take off.

How do you have a wings?

Well, it is only insects who have wings and even then they are only a part of their body. Birds also have wings because they need to be able to fly to catch their pray. So really no one knows how you have wings.