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If your dog sometimes only pees once a day is they might not have been drinking water that often.

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Q: Why do dogs sometimes only pee outside only once a day?
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My dogs only bark while outside if they see someone else. they do not sleep outside at night ever. my neighbors are complaining about day time barking when your dogs see them. Is this ok?

I think your neighbors know nothing about dogs. First of all, your dogs probably bark because they want to protect you or they just want to play. My dogs do it too. They shouldn't complain because it's a common thing for all dogs to do. Most dogs bark at strangers, in fact it's their instinct. That's true. Dogs normally always bark when they see someone else because they're either curious about them, or they want to protect you. And yes, my dogs do the same thing. Your neighbors need to get ear plugs or something because all dogs have a sense of curiosity in them.

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Ketchup isn't really in a dogs natural diet, but i don't see why it would hurt them if they had it once in awhile. Its only mushed tomatoes