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Often the exotic species has fewer natural enemies in the new environment but competes for the same food supply and other necessities as the native species it displaces. Sometimes the exotic species is more adaptable or more aggressive and so pushes out a native species. Sometimes the exotic species reproduces at a higher rate or more successfully than does the native species.

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They don't have predators to keep them in check.

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Q: Why do exotic species displace native species?
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What is a species that is not native to a particular region is?

Exotic Species.

Differentiate Alien Species from Exotic Species?

An alien species is a species that is not native to an area. An exotic species is native to an area but not common.

What is the difference between and exotic and native species?

A native species originated from that area while an exotic species came from somewhere else.

How are native species and exotic species alike?

they are alike

Is a house sparrow a native or exotic species?

a house sparrow is an exotic bird no a native bird!

Definition of exotic species?

Exotic species are animals that are not native to the area. Lions and giraffes are exotic animals in Ohio but not in Africa.

How do exotic species affect populations of native species?

When exotic species are introduced into an area these species can grow at exponential rate due to a lack of competitors and a lack of predators they may take over niches of native species and can eventually replace the native species completely

What is vanishing ecosystems?

Its when exotic species destroy or alture the ecosystems of native species

What are exotic species and how are they harmful to your environment?

Exotic species are simply those that do not belong in your particular habitat. They are harmful because when they are introduced into your habitat they compete with some native species and threaten to make it extinct. Such is happening with the European starling and many native North America birds.

How has the illegal introduction of exotic species put native species at risk?

it has made natives more vulnerable to disease and predaors

What are exotic species and how do do they endanger other species?

a species that has been introduced from another geographic region to an area outside its natural range

What are endangered species and how do they endanger other species?

The term 'exotic species' can apply to any species that is not native to a particular country. Imported 'exotics' can endanger local wildlife by preying on them for food !