Why do you need to give salt to goats?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Salt is needed for most animals that have four legs. Because we have taken them out of their natural environment. Salt would have been readily available to the in ground water, bushes, etc., but we now give them nice clean water and hay grown in virtually sterile soil.

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Q: Why do you need to give salt to goats?
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Why do you need to add salt in goats drinking water?

Because salt is tasty like jack loves yaoi pornography

Can goats eat salt?

If you give it to them then, yeah, they will probably eat it, but it is not a part of an average goat diet.

Can you give sheep and goats the same wormer?

No, sheep and goats should not have the same kind of wormer unless specified it is for both animals. Goats need a higher concentration of wormer than sheep.

Should goats lick on a salt block?

Yes, goats should have supplemental minerals in some form. You can use a salt block, but a mineral block is better. Some goats prefer loose minerals.

Do goats get diarrhea from salt?

No. Your goats are most likely have worms, that is usually one of the first signs.

Do baby goats need water?

ofcourse yes you have to give them water and milk too trust me....

Why do cows and goats need to be fed on grass and oilseed-cakes?

Cows and goats need to be fed on grass and oilseed cakes because grass and oilseed cakes are milk producing food so these help them to produce milk

What is the name of goat home called?

Goat pens or goat shelters are needed to give goats protection from the elements. You may need kidding pens for when goats have their babies.

What goats give their name to soft yarn?

Cashmere goats produce cashmere and Angoras produce mohair.Cashmere goats

Do goats give linen?

No - there are certain breeds that produce fibre - mohair from Angora goats and cashmere from Cashmere goats.

Which goats give their name to a soft yarn?

Mohair comes from Angora goats and cashmere is produced by cashmere goats.

How well do lambs and goats get along?

lambs and goats get along fine.. except that goats need copper and to sheep it is toxic.... so you need to take the goats out daily and give them minerals or grain laced with copper (which any caprine grain or minerals will have ) to keep their bodies running correctly... make sure that the source of copper used is kept where the sheep can't get to it......