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Correction, humans have 4 fingers and 1 thumb on each hand. This is so humans can grasp things. In my opinion this question can be answered through the understanding of nature, especially human nature in relation with some sort of logical explanation.

I propose linking this question with Prime number, one of the subject of Number Theory, one of the branch of Mathematics.

Prime Number can be classified into 3 groups :

A.) The first group is based on Divisibility, the Remainder if we divide Prime Number by 9

(P = R mod 9) :

- P = 1 mod 9 (examples : 19, 37, 73, 109, etc.)

- P = 2 mod 9 (examples : 2, 11, 29, 47, 83, 101, etc.)

- P = 4 mod 9 (examples : 13, 31, 67, 103, etc.)

- P = 5 mod 9 (examples : 5, 23, 41, 59, 113, etc.)

- P = 7 mod 9 (examples : 7, 43, 61, 79, 97, etc.)

- P = 8 mod 9 (examples : 17, 53, 71, 89, 107, etc.)

B.) The second group is based on the Least Significant Digit of Prime Number (the unit) :

- LSD 1 (examples : 11, 31, 41, 61, 71, 101, etc.)

- LSD 3 (examples : 3, 13, 23, 43, 53, 73, 83, 103, etc.)

- LSD 7 (examples : 7, 17, 37, 47, 67, 97, 107, etc.)

- LSD 9 (examples : 19, 29, 59, 79, 89, 109, etc.)

C.) The third group is based on Uniqueness (Only reside in one groups at once) :




These Prime Number (2, 3 and 5) are Unique because they only belong to one groups at once, That's why we human have 2 hands, 5 fingers and 3 brains !!!

I said that 3 brains, Why? Because the Left Brain cooperated with the Right Brain created the Third Brain, that is the reality, the working principle of our Brains.

Moreover I said to you 3 hands, Why? Imagine someone playing guitar, the Left Hand cooperated with the Right Hand created the Third Hand, that is the reality, the working principle of our Hands.

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toes are tasty and taste of rotte cheese so fat people eat all of other people toes but cant eat the last 5
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Because who ever made us wanted it that way ;)

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beacuse they have a scintifical body

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Q: Why does a frog have 4 fingers but 5 toes?
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How many limbs does a frog have including fingers and toes?

4 main limbs. 18 total toes. 4 on front. 5 on back

How many fingers does frog have?

There are 4 digits on the forelimb of the frog

Where is the vestigial digit on a frog?

Frogs have 4 fingers and 1 vestigial finger, and 5 toes + 1 vestigial toe. The vestigial fingers and toes are positioned on the inner side (bode-side) of the hand/foot, pointing towards the body. In live specimens these digits are not visible, only when a frog is dissected it can be seen.

Why do you have 5 fingers and 5 toes?

you have five fingers and toes to help you balance.

How many toes are on a deer mouse?

There is 5 toes and 4 fingers on a deer mouse.look in Google images you will see:-)

Why do otters have 5 toes and fingers?

Otters have 5 webbed toes on all 4 feet. Their back feet are more flipperlike for swimming.

5 T on a F?

5 toes in a foot! 5 toes in a foot! 5 toes in a foot!

How many toes do raccoons have?

squirrels are in the same family as chipmunks, and have but 5 fingers like us humans.

What are the 5 metatarsals called?

Fingers and/or toes

Do the feet of leopard frog's hind limbs have 5 toes?

The feet of the hind limbs have 5 toes.

How many fingers do dogs have?

Unless the dog is a mutant it won't have fingers. You could call their digits "toes", in which case, a typical dog will have 4 toes on each hind leg and 5 toes on each front leg. The grand total is 18 toes. The front legs typically have 4 toes on the ground and a dew claw that doesn't touch the ground, which is to say, dog tracks show four toes.

How many fingers and toes covered using five gloves and three shoes?

5 GLOVES x 5 FINGERS=(5x5)=25+3 SHOES x 5 TOES= (3x5)=1540