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Here is one likely answer: When your husband stands up, he is suddenly much larger than he appeared to be to your very small dog. The animal is probably confused and frightened by this abrupt change in height; it may seem to him as if a familiar human friend is being replaced by a larger, more intimidating person. The barking is an indication of alarm, fear or surprise, or all three.

To address this situation, your husband might consider getting your dog's attention just before he stands up and moving much more slowly than he does now, especially if he is tall. As he is in the process of standing up, he might also talk to the terrier or offer him a few small snacks to show the dog that there is nothing to be afraid of. After a few days of this sort of preparation, the pup will get accustomed to your husband's "change in height" and will not react so intensely to it.

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Q: Why does my male Yorkshire terrier bark every-time my husband gets up out of his chair?
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