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A structure of small size, similar to that of a dog-house, but offering useful shelter for a human.

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Q: Why dog house called dog house on a rig floor?
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What is a catwalk used for on an oil rig?

The catwalk is connected to the rig floor and is used to ease the movement of equipment between the rig floor and pipe deck.

What is a catwalk used for on a drilling rig?

The catwalk is used to roll drill pipe, casing and tools from the ground level of the rig to the rig floor which can be from 5' to 30' or more depending on the type of rig. Once on the catwalk pipe or tools are pulled up the V-Door which connects the catwalk to the rig floor.

What is a v door on an oil rig?

The V-door is an opening at the floor level in one side of the derrick and is located on the rig floor opposite to the draw works. It is used as an entry point to bring in drill pipe, casing, and other tools from the pipe rack.

What part of an oil rig supports the structure?

The substructure is attached to the ocean bed and the structure is built on top of it. On another type of rig is a semi-submersible which is basically a structure on top of a submerged, ballast controlled float which is anchored to the ocean floor. Another type is a jack-up rig which have 3 legs that are jacked down onto the ocean floor.

What is an oil rig worker called?


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If you are referring to the rig that suffered the major oil spill on April 10, 2010, it was an ultra-deepwater, dynamically positioned, semi-submersible offshore oil drilling rig, named the Deepwater Horizon. Simply called a drilling rig.

Why did the Louisiana oil rig explode?

A full investigation of the accident has not been completed. So, there is no official explanation of what went wrong. But we know that a blow out occurred, and shortly afterwards, oil came to the rig floor and begun to burn.

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April 20. A tank did not explode. A well began flowing oil onto the rig floor, fire broke out and the rig burned and sank. The well kept on flowing oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

How much money does a floor hand make on a workover rig?

Canada 26/hr USA >$15/hr<$20/hr