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because a cat is very small but a elephant has more mass than a cat

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Purple. Because ice cream has no bones.

Wait... that's not the answer.

Elephants are heavier than cats and much larger.

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Q: Why is an elephant harder to lift than a cat?
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Why does elephants have bigger ears than cats?

an elephant has biggest ears than a cat is because elephants are big animals but a cat is a small animal. And a cat can be used as pet at home but an elephant live in the forest or in the zoo , elephant can not be kept at home

Why is a cat easier to pick up then an elephant?

this is a joke, yes? Of course it is. A cat is quite obviously much lighter than an elephant.

What is a animal that weighs larger than a cat?

An elephant

Is nuetering a cat easy?

It is much harder to nueter a boy cat than girl cat but yes.

What is a cat elephant?

an elephant that looks like a cat hommie lol

Do an elephant have most mass?

yes because the elephant weighs more than the cat and the elephant is way stronger :)<3 i hope that this answered supported it:)

Name of animal who lick there food?

Tiger , Cat , Dog , Horse , Elephant , Butterfly .

How does the law of universal gravitation explain why gravity between an elephant and earth is greater the gravity between a cat and earth?

The law of gravity says the force experienced is proportional to the product of the two masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. Effectively on earth the measurement of the force of gravity on a mass is the weight of the mass. As an Elephant has more mass than a Cat, it weighs more than the Cat (because the mass of the Earth is constant).

How does the law of universal gravitation explain why gravitation between an elephant and earth is greater between a cat and earth?

The distances between each animal and the center of the Earth are essentially identical, but the elephant has more mass than the cat. So, when the appropriate numbers for each are entered into the the formula for the gravitational forces of attraction according to Newton's universal law, the force expected in the case of the elephant will be found to be greater than the force expected to act on the cat, by the same ratio as that of the elephant's mass to the cat's mass.

What happens at the end of An elephant in the garden?

A cat eats the elephant

Is a cat more likely to run away from a water than an elephant to run from a mouse?

It depends on the kind of cat. Some cats enjoy water and swim in it, but most others are known to hate water entirely. As for the elephant and the mouse, no clue

What do you call an elephant unicorn and a cat?