Best Answer would most likely be a habit a lot of people actually teach a guinea pig to do circles

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Q: Why is baby guinea pig always spinning in circles?
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How do baby guinea pigs drink?

baby guinea pigs will suckle mothers milk

What should shampo should you use on your guinea pig?

i always use baby body wash and it never bothers her skin

What if your Guinea Pig has just had a baby - what call a vet or what?

What if your Guinea Pig has just had a baby - what call a vet or what?

What do you call a baby guinea pig?

Pups or Guinea piglets.

Are baby guinea pigs the same color as their mother?

not always but sometimes yes it can have colors of her dad or mom. I have experience that allot of times.

How may baby guinea pigs differ from their parents?

Baby Guinea pigs are smaller and follow their mom around.

Does kittens eat baby guinea pigs?

Yes,kittens may eat baby Guinea pigs.They may even eat adult Guinea pigs.

What is a baby guniea pig called?

a baby guinea pig is known as a Pup. (though never a puppy)

How are baby guinea pigs they different from the parents?

Baby guinea pigs are small, They have almost no fur, And of course theyre babys

Where do baby guinea pigs live?

Baby Guinea Pigs live independent with their mother.Guinea Pigs don't make nests.

Can baby guinea pigs have no hair?

I'm Laura and I own 14 guinea pigs and no a baby guinea pig cant have no hair baby guinea pigs get born with hair and everything (very unlike baby bunnies) so they can run and eat straight away when they are born they practically look like mini adults

How do you speak baby guinea pig?

you can't. unless you have a trained guinea pig that somehow can talk to the baby and say what you want to tell it.