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i dont know look in a book

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Q: Why is it better for animal to know how to hide from predators because of an instinct than to have to learn how to hide from them?
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Why is it better for an animal to know how to hide from predators because of an instinct than to have to learn how to hide from them?

i dont know look in a book

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Why predators do not eat other meet eaters except fish?

Because of the flavour and texture of the fish, to the animal it tastes better

Why is it important for a species to evolve?

for just about every animal before humans life is a constant competition between predators and prey. the predators need to get better at killing, and the prey needs to get better at avoiding. humans don't count because we don't have predators anymore.

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What does myotonia cause in goats?

Myotonic animals will have enlarged muscles. Enlarged muscles (called Hypertrophy of muscles) will mean the animal will have a better carcass at slaughter . These animals may dress out better however they have an inability to escape predators because of the myotonia.

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Would instinct get better with practice?

Many animal instincts might get better with practice. A monkey, for example, can be taught various dexterous things to do like dressing themselves. Hearing instincts can get better in animals if they lose the ability to see.

What is a type of adaptation relating to an animal's actions?

Almost every kind of animal makes adaptations regarding the way it behaves in order to better survive. An example if this would be brown bears coming out of the forest and into campsites because they know they have a better chance of getting an easy meal there.

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Why some animals need better sense's than others?

Some animals need better senses because they may have more predators or prey.