Why is it important to protect birds?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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well the importance of protecting animals is because the affect the circle of life i mean if we don't protect animals and just let them all die out we'll eventuly die out with them from starvation

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owls are worth protecting because people are cutting down many of the trees owls live in. Also, owls eat many pests, such as mice and snakes.

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So they don't go extinct

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Q: Why is it important to protect birds?
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What can be done to protect birds?

The biggest and most important thing is to provide suitable habitats, and protect wetlands, where many wading birds and waterfowl nest.

Do all birds protect their young?

No, some birds like the pigetto and road runner do not protect their young.

How birds protect themseves?

by kicking others birds asses

Why do birds fly in the jungle?

So the birds can protect and stay alive.

How do you protect birds?

You put them in a cage

How can birds protect them self from preys?

I think they protect them self's because they blend in.

What do bird build to protect their egg?

Birds build nests to protect their eggs.

What birds protect the Tower of London?


Measures to protect extinct birds and animals?

The measures taken to protect extinct animals and birds is crucial for their survival. A very important action taken is educating people about the dangers the animals face. Awareness is the first step towards encouraging to people to support protection programs. Support from people can be through private funding or government programs. The more people are educated about the dangers, the easier it is to pass laws to protect the birds and animals.

How does the government protect the birds?

The birds that they catch they inject a micro chip in there upper left leg

Why birds sits on their eggs?

Birds Sit on their eggs to keep them warm, and to hide and protect them from predetors.

How can people protect migratory birds?

We can protech migratory of birds by planting the trees around us