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Yes they do. They will do it for protean. Don't worry this is quite common, one of mine used to do it and we thought we may have to get rid of her. But we started giving them meat every other day/ every 3 days and my chicken has stopped peking altogether.

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It could be from stress, sickness, or bugs. Rival roosters can cause stress in roosters on the lower end of the pecking order. Try separating the rooster for a few days to see if the plucking stops. Dusting for bugs wouldn't hurt, either

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The roosters favorite hen is usually the one to suffer the most from feather loss.

When the rooster mates with the hen he grabs her by the neck feathers and holds her, if she tries to pull away she loses feathers. During the mating act, the rooster climbs on top of the hen and the area at the back of the hen called the "saddle" is often bare.

Other reasons are lack of space in the coop, hens will peck at the nearest bird to force them to move over, stubborn hens lose more feathers.

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Q: Why is my rooster plucking his own feathers out?
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How-to oil paint rooster tail feathers?

how to oil paint a rooster's tail feathers

What does a rooster losing its feathers mean?

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Can a parrot recover from plucking its feathers?

no it will die from fin rot

Why is my roosters eating the sides out of my hens?

If you are referring to feather picking, there are a few possibilities:The Rooster is doing it out of aggressionThe Rooster is picking and eating feathers due to a nutrition deficiencyThe Rooster is picking feathers due to boredomThe Rooster is picking feathers due to it being a learned behavior from other birds or cannibalism issues

How do you treat a chicken's back where the rooster has worn her feathers off?

The loss of feathers on a hens back although not pretty to look at is not usually bad. You can separate the hen from the rooster for awhile and the feathers will grow back.

Why did a chicken die it had most feathers gone from its back?

The chicken may have died from picking. This happens when the hens are bored, overcrowded, or have lack of protein in their diet so they result to cannibalism, beginning with feather picking, or plucking the feathers from other chickens. Another reason is from breeding. A rooster may find a "favorite" hen and mate her continually, mounting on her back each time and wearing the feathers out.

What does it mean when a parakeet looses its feathers around the ear?

Your bird could be suffering any number of ailments, from a cage mate who is plucking it, to French moult. If you have ruled out that another bird is plucking the feathers, take it to an avian veterinarian to help uncover the cause.

What if your female Zebra Finch has lost feathers on the back of her head?

One of the other birds is plucking them. They may stop on their own, but birds tend to attack anything that is different about another bird.

What do you call a rubber disc topped with rooster feathers?

A Badminton Birdie

How can I stop my male finch from plucking out his mate's head feathers?

Well, preening(grooming) and plucking feathers is a normal bonding ritual that many birds enjoy in the wild. You do not need to to put an end to this unless the male is making his mate lose a lot of feathers. If that is happening, consult a vet, because your pet may be stressed.

What kind of bird looses their feathers and why?

Disease - birds do not normally loose their feathers. When they change them it is called moult.Moulting is a process (like shedding in mammals) done regularly by birds, to replace old feathers with new, healthy feathers. This is normal. When a bird loses many feathers at once, it is usually due to the bird plucking out its own feathers OR a condition called French Moult, for which there is no cure.All birds may or may not lose their feathers. It is only when this happens to them and or they die.

What is the phenotype of a rooster with the genotype FBFW?

the offspring will have both black and whit feathers.