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They might have been small enough to swallow. If the skull is missing, an adult owl might have torn off the head and brought it to her baby. Then, the pellet could have belonged to the offspring.

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cuz last time i checked owls didn't sh*t out bones

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Q: Why would bones be missing in an owl pellet?
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What must an owl do before eating again?

Wait A Few Minutes And Cough Up A Owl Pellet [bones,fur,skull,ect.]

What owl family is the pellet from?

All owls produce pellets because that is from eating rodents and getting rid of fur and bones.

What adaptation do owls have that help them produce owl pellets?

They have a gizzard, a second stomach that forms a pellet made of bones, fur, and other undigestable parts of owl prey. When the pellet is formed, owls spit it up. Pellets are often found under owl trees where they nest or have previously nested.

What are owl pelets?

An owl pellet is a conglomeration of undigested material that the owl has regurgitated. This is not fecal material. It is regurgitated out of the beak. It is a consequence of a canivorous bird eating its prey whole. Hawks and falcons do the same thing. These pellets look gray or brown and are an inch or two long (3-5 cm). They often contain a lot of hair and so a person may easily think it is the decayed remains of a dead mouse. It can include a mouse meal, but it is what remains after after the bird has finished digestion. There is clearly an evolutionary advantage to a process that extracts the high value nutrients which may represent a small fraction of the material in the meal. It saves the energy of processing indigestible material and saves the weight, perhaps the most important aspect for a bird. A bird's pellet can be analysed to determine its diet and may the pellet may contain insects parts, indigestible plant matter, bones, fur, feathers, bills, claws, and teeth.

Where can you find owl pellets?

There are things that the owl doesn't digeste, these things form an owl pellet. Every owl has one. The type of things in the owl pellets are bones from smaller animals that the eat, and hair from the animal that the owl eats. This is my detail fact about What is in an owl pellet.

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What is on the outside of a owl pellet?

The outside of an owl pellet is covered in a thin slime, to assist the owl with ejecting the pellet, the undigested fur or feather tends to be the next layer, with the undigested bones on the inside.

What do you think you will find in the owl pellet?

Fur and bones of what the owl ate.

What is in the middle of an owl pellet?

bones from other animals

What is inside an owl pellet?

The inside of an owl pellet contains the remains of bones and fur that was undigested.

Why would lungs of an animal that was eaten by an owl not show up in an owl pellet?

because ussually a owl pellet eats small animal so there lungs wont show because there bones are little. So a owl eats big ones so lungs will show because they have big bones.

What tools would best be used to observe small mouse bones found in an owl pellet?


What are several important things you can learn from studying owl pellets?

One important thing you can learn from studying an owl pellet is learning what animal the bones in the owl pellet belong to.

How can you tell which animal was eaten by the owl?

You must find the owl's pellet and sift through it looking for bones and fur.

Why do you think it may be difficult to piece together a whole skeleton from the bones in an owl pellet?

because your putting bones together

Where does the owl pellet remain until it is expelled?

The owl pellet remans in the owls rectum until the owl decides it would be a good time to puke it out.

What is a owl pellet and how is it made?

The bones and indigestable objects all get clumped together in a pellet. The owl basically regurgitates the pellet.

Where does the owl pellet form from?

The owl eats his food whole (mice and such animals). The bits of the animal that are not digestible (hair, bones, etc.) are regurgitated (thrown up). What is thrown up is what we refer to as the "pellet".