Why would you do a dog?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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they are soft

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Q: Why would you do a dog?
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Would you name a dog dog?

i would name a dog taco if it is a chihuahua

What kind of dog would not have a home?

a street dog would not have a home or a dog what is not wanted would not have a home!

What would happen if you were a dog?

You would act like a dog and people would think you were a dog and adopt you...

If a dog was to eat snail bite what would happen to the dog?

the dog would throw up!!

What is the name Home For A Dog?

the dog would live in a kennel. That is his shelter, If you would want to adopt a dog you would go to the pound

If a dog is 4 years in human how old would he be in dog?

It would be about 28 dog years old.

What is the temperature of a sick dog?

A better question would be what is the temperature of a normal dog. That would be about 101 to 102. Above that would mean that the dog has a fever. Also remember, just because a dog is sick does not mean that the dog would always have a fever.

What is a dog taco?

It would be a taco made of dog meat, which would be gross and disgusting, even for Mexicans. More realistically, it would be a taco made of sausages - instead of "hot dog", it would be a "dog taco".

Why would a elephant eat a dog?

Elephants are vegetarians. They would not eat a dog.

Is a dog a organ system?

No that would be wierd why would a dog be an organ system!

How do you know when your dog likes another dog?

It would always follow the other dog, spending more time with it, or it would start to hump the other dog.

Would you get a cat or dog?

a dog because cats do to much damage