Will males eat older babies

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If they're canniballs...

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Q: Will males eat older babies
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If there is two male mouses in a cage and one female mouse gave birth will the males eat or kill the babies?

the males will eat and kill the babies

Why is my male dwarf hamster pulling on my females babies when she is having them?

Males should not be with females during pregnancy or birth. It cant be with the babies until they are big. The male will eat the babies. You have to separate them after they mate

Do male boars have babies?

No, males can't have babies.

Do whales nurse their babies?

As babies they mainly just have milk. When they grow older they eat fish.

What does hyperventalating mean?

Hyperventalating means, your lungs start to over expose themselves and you can not breath. Most common in older males, and young children/babies.

Are all babies developed as males?


Do male skinks lizards have babies?

No males do not have babies, or eggs in the case of most lizards. It is the female that has the babies.

Why do males always have the babies?

because they are GAYYY

Can you keep a male and a female hamster together when she has her babies?

Male hamsters sometimes eat their young. I would suggest putting him in his own cage and keep the babies with their mother for the first 6 months or so. Though, it also depends on the breed of hamster. Syrian hamsters cannot be kept with the female after they mate and give birth, because they'll eat the babies. Dwarf hamsters, however, can live amiably in groups, and the males actually help raise them. Also, depending on the breed again, I'm sure you can actually separate them earlier if they're weaned.

Do younger girls like older males?

Sometimes, but most girls like males near their own age. If they like older males, it may be that they are intrigued by their experience.

Can male giant pandas have babies?

No. Males of most species are not capable of having babies.

Does Bigfoot eat babies?

No, Bigfoot does not eat babies.