Will your bum hurt if you finger it?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Will your bum hurt if you finger it?
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Should you finger your bum or will it hurt?

you should try it, it is both pleasurable for men and women just cut your nails first

Can you finger your bum?

I suppose, if you were into that kinda thing.

How do you do the Heizman?

stick you finger up you bum!

What should you use to poke your bum?

your finger!!

Is it safe for men to finger their bum?

Not if they have a hangnail.

Does a tattoo on your bum hurt?


How do you get a track in your nightclub on Bin Weevils?

Finger your bum

Do boys finger bum?

Some will especially if you are licking their clit and fingering their bum. It never hurts to ask.

Does it hurt when your boyfriend put it in you bum?


Which part of the UK is best for building hydroelectric power stations?

Stick your finger up your bum and your bum will tell

What cause cancer in your finger?

shoving it up ur bum...

Why does your thumb hurt?

Because you stuck it up your bum!