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First see if they like each other and if so they can. Some males are Alfa males which would be hard to have... I have two males and a female dog together they are fine. But one dog has to be spayed or nutured then surely it will be fine! :-)

Get boy dog if you can! ;-)

There are the best!

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Q: Would it be bad to have a male dog and male puppy in the same home?
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Can male dachshund get a Newfoundland pregnant if so would the puppy have the same swimming abilities as a Newfoundland?

Genetically yes, practically it is unlikely.

What do you call a a teen dog?

They are caled puppies.

How much do you feed a lab as a puppy?

I would have to guess as a puppy 3 dishes a day because they grow the most as a puppy

How do you say puppy in Swahili?

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What is best type of dog to get when you already have a male dog as in male or female breeder or pound dog puppy or adult?

if you want to breed your dog then get a female same breed as the female if you don't get a female but desex it and id say a puppy dalmation because they are interactive and it Will love you more if you take good care of it

How does a dog make another dog?

Weird question, Well they mate with each other but I'm not telling you that they mate with the same sex! You need both male and female to mate and they form a puppy, the puppy grows up and repeats the cycle.

How do you have a puppie on Nintendogs?

I haven't had mine have a puppy, but I have heard that you need a female and a male of the same breed. You need to keep them at home; you can't take them for walks or for contests or for bark mode. They have to "cuddle" about 100 times. Try to fead them soft foods (milk, canned food).

If a solid black and tan male mini daschund mates with a double dapper mini daschund whos deaf and slightly blind would the puppys be healthy and would she nuture them?

erm all puppy's end up being blind but they have eye sight with in six weeks and if Ur concerned on death keep the puppy's out of the same room as the mum at night that way the puppy's won't get layed on and killed but in the day keep them with the mum and dad but make sure there supervised

What if your puppy has a rash on her stomach?

it could be allergic or irritation to the kind of soap you used for the dog, or its something outside the puppy got into. also if it worsens i would recommend you don't use the same soap or take the puppy to your local vet.

When can your puppy get his needles?

My puppy has not had its needles is it possible for the puppy to be in the same room with a dog that has had all its needles and boosters done.

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i think so

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