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Alpaca fleece is very rich and silky with considerable luster. It comes from the Alpaca.

Mohair is from the angora goat and is highly resilient and strong. Mohair's luster, not softness, determines its value. Mohair is used in home decorating fabrics as well as garment fabrics including tropical worsteds.

Angora wool is from the angora rabbit. This soft fiber is used in sweaters, mittens and baby clothes.

Camel hair is from the extremely soft and fine fur from the undercoat of the camel. Camel's hair can be used alone but is most often combined with fine wool for overcoating, topcoating, sportswear and sports hosiery. Because of the beauty of the color, fabrics containing camel's hair are usually left in the natural camel color or dyed a darker brown. Light weight and soft, it is said that a 22 oz. camel fabric is as warm as a 32 oz. woolen fabric.

Cashmere is from the Kashmir goat down. Separation of the soft fibers from the long, coarse hair is tedious and difficult, contributing to the expense of the fabric. The soft hair is woven or knitted into fine garments and can also be blended with silk, cotton, or wool.

Vicuna is the softest coat cloth in the world. The amount of coarse hair to be separated from the soft fibers is negligible and yields the finest animal fiber in the world. Vicuna is a member of the Llama family and is small and wild. Since it is generally killed to obtain the fleece, it is protected by rigorous conservation measures. This fiber is rare and very expensive, costing several hundred dollars per yard.

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Q: Write any 5 animals which gives us wool?
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What part of the countries is wool from?

Wool comes from any part of any country where animals are raised that produce fleece.

Do silk and wool have any similarities?

Yes, both are natural fibres: silk from silk worms'cocoonsand wool from the fleece of animals.

What country has wool yielding animals?

Any country that has sheep eg Australia, New Zealand, China

Can you write on felt?

Sure. Felt is made of wool. A magic marker will work as will any protein (acid) dye.

Are sheep the only animals that produce wool?

No, many animals produce hair that is suitable for spinning into yarns or thread and weaving into cloth. Any hair that is suitable for this use may properly be called wool. Among other animals, wool is commonly obtained from: Sheep Goats Rabbits Camels Musk Ox American Bison Llama Alpaca Vicuna Guanaco Yak

Which country is wool made from?

Wool is not made from any country: wool is made from animal fleece.

What sheep do you use for wool?

Any sheep's coat can be used for wool.

What are articles made from wool?

Almost any article or accessory can be made from wool -- useful by humans from infant to senior, even some useful by animals. Examples include clothing, bedding, shoes, bags and more.

Does Merino Wool and Lambs wool come from the same sheep?

Merino wool and lambs wool can be from sheep of the merino breed. Lambs wool can be from any other breed of wool type sheep.

Is sparrow give birth to animals?

Sparrow gives birth to sparrow only. Not any other animals. That is the law of the nature.

What is the color of good quality wool?

Good quality wool can be any colour.

Does wool have any expiry date?


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