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'beauty is skin deep' how would you ethically justify the statement by applying different theories and real life example?

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Maybe someone is really pretty and then one day you realise how ugly they are skin deep. Beauty is skin deep means that if you're pretty inside then you're pretty .
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What does 'beauty is only skin deep' mean?

This refers to the fact that one can be beautiful on the outside  and mean or unpleasant on the inside - you also see this in the  saying "pretty is as pretty does."   M

If beauty is skin deep how deep is intelligence?

Answer     Answering "Beauty is skin deep how deep is intelligence     Intelligence is as deep as much you pay attention in class and as deep as you report ca

Is beauty skin deep?

Beauty is NOT skin deep!!!!No, you are always beautiful no matter what you look like. SOME people only judge by beauty but those are the ignorant people, the stupid people, th

What is the meaning of 'beauty is but skin deep'?

It means people might be beautiful to look at but inside might be  far from beautiful; the most beautiful person could be, at heart,  spiteful, wicked just plain nasty. So,

Is beauty more than skin deep?

Personality and appearance both play a role in human beauty. A beautiful appearance is skin deep, but a beautiful personality is much deeper.

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Animal Testing- this is an interesting answer because it could not be also defined as consequential. The moral choice here is to put an animal through pain, or to not. Basic
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Are you agree with beauty is only skin deep?

cover, it's exactly the same! I agree with those who advocate the proverb "Beauty is only skin deep". In my opinion, the beauty that not come with wisdom can easily become t

What are some real life examples that apply conics?

> Heaters, satellite dishes, parabolic lights, motion of the planets, telescopes, eyeglasses, shadows on a wall, a ton of sh*t basically Satellite dishes and the mirrors in