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2005 grand caravan doorlock switch will not lock or unlock the doors?

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take the van to the dealer and have the body computer up dated the easiest way to see if this will work is to unhook the battery and if the locks go back to working it will fix it
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Where is the fuse located for power door locks on a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan?

The 2005 Dodge Caravans have software problem in the BCM that causes the power locks to quit working. The only fix is to bring the van to a dealer for a software flash update.

Why are the power locks not working on a 2005 dodge grand caravan?

Unplug Battery for 10 minutes. BCM issue. Not sure on original  cause.    It is normally due to a software bug in the bcm. The dealer can  flash New software into the

Why would the ignition switch be locked on my Dodge Grand Caravan?

  Make sure the shifter handle is fully engaged in park. On my '92 caravan, I have to push the shifter up and forward again after putting it in park, to make sure it's ful

How do you replace the turn signal switch on 2005 grand caravan?

undo the 3 Philips screws in the holes under the steering column. separate the 2 halfs of the column cover buy pressing on the seam. remove the cover. there are 2 screws that

How do you fix 2005 dodge caravan automatic door locks?

My first suggestion is to have the Body Computer (BCM) checked for codes. Chrysler has released a software update for the bcm that the dealer can perform that fixes a lot of l

2002 dodge grand caravan passenger rear side door lock won't unlock?

  I had the same problem couldn't unlock even using a pliers.   simple repair open door panel follow locking rod to electric motor and remove it open it up and remove t

2005 dodge grand caravan power locks?

Those vans have an issue with a software error in the body computer causing the locks to become inoperative. Your dealer should be able to update(flash) the bcm to repair the

Why does a Grand Caravan continuously lock doors?

If you mean while driving, it's a normal safety feature that the power door locks engage when the vehicle exceeds 30 Km/h or 20 Mi/h. If you mean that there seems to be a malf