4 There was a time that toothpaste was sold in jars What was the first toothpaste sod in metal tubes?

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After studying at the School of American Ballet, you earned a spot in the New York City Ballet. What was the audition process like?

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Why were so many toothpaste jars found on the titanic?

  There are several reasons: first of all, hygene was improving at the turn of the century and many people had begun to brush their teeth (maybe not all 1,600 people on bo (MORE)

Making Your Own Natural Toothpaste

Toothpaste is an essential to having healthy teeth and fresh breath. With the exception of baby toothpaste, almost all toothpastes sold in the United States have fluoride-even (MORE)
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What toothpaste did they used in medieval times?

1st Answerthey had none    2nd AnswerWhen I saw this quesition, I thought the above answer was right, but I like to check, so I looked for a source. It turns out that toot (MORE)
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What is the first toothpaste sold in metal tube?

The first toothpaste sold in a metal tube was sold by Johnson &  Johnson it was called Zonweiss. It was first available in  collapsible metal tubes in 1889.
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When and where was the use of toothpaste first recorded?

Toothpaste was being used in 500 BC in both China and India. modern toothpastes however, were developed in the 1800s. A dentist named Peabody was the first person to add soap (MORE)
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Who invented the first toothpaste ever?

It started in India and China way before the 1800s, in which time, 1824, a dentist named Peabody was the first person to make tooth paste with soap in it. John Harris first ad (MORE)