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4 There was a time that toothpaste was sold in jars What was the first toothpaste sod in metal tubes?

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Is toothpaste necessary?

To survive, no. The human race has survived thousands of years without the aid of toothpaste. To make you not repulsive, yes.
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Which country does Colgate toothpaste come from?

  Colgate is an American company, set up in New York in 1806, it initially made soap, candles and starch, but started production of toothpaste in 1873. At first the toothp
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Is toothpaste a countable or uncountable noun?

The noun 'toothpaste' is an uncountable (mass) noun, a word  for a substance.    Units of toothpaste are expressed by using a noun counter  (called a partitive noun),