5 countries with democracy governments?

1. Russia 2. India 3.Israel 4.Canada 5. Germany
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Why is democracy the best type of government?

democracy is the best type of government because the people can vote for their government. To quote Churchill: "..democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the (MORE)

Why is democracy the government by the many?

  Democracy   Democracy is a form of government where the "majority rule". This means that the people have a say in the decisions made, whether directly or indirectly (MORE)

Why is democracy the best form of government?

Democracy is not necessarily the BEST form of government, however  human experience over many thousands of years has proved that a  democratic system is : Stable, Effective (MORE)

High School American Government Topics

The study of American government during high school covers a variety of different topics. Learning about the government is an important part of the high school experience. Stu (MORE)
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Understanding the Government of Spain

The beautiful beaches and vibrant culture of Spain makes it a huge draw to those visiting Europe. It is always a good idea to know as much as possible about a country before v (MORE)

Strangest Things Banned by the Government

The Russian government introduced a bill that bans everyone from wearing emo clothing in public schools and government buildings, fearing that it will disrupt national stabili (MORE)

Are most governments a democracy?

Today, yes. There are only a handful of states that rest under dictatorial control (eg. North Korea and Cuba). It is strategically unwise to be anti-democratic because as the (MORE)

Why is the municipal government the best at democracy?

  the municipal government is the best at democracy because of its closer link and knowledge of the people. the municipal government can easily cater to the citizens needs (MORE)

What type of government is a direct democracy?

  A direct democracy is a govt. where the people have a direct say on what goes on. Athens, Greece in the old times is a prime example of this. Many other Greek city-sates (MORE)
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The Dynasties in Ancient China

The government of ancient China spent most of its history ruled by dynasties. Being ruled by a dynasty is different from being ruled under most other forms of government. A dy (MORE)
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Phoenix's Form of Government - The Council-Manager Plan

Phoenix has a form of government called the council-manager plan. This form of government has three main positions - mayor, council member and city manager. The three branches (MORE)