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5 countries with democracy governments?

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1. Russia 2. India 3.Israel 4.Canada 5. Germany
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Which countries are democracies?

Countries that have a form of democracy are:   1. Norway   2. Iceland   3. Denmark   4. Sweden   5. New Zealand   6. Australia   7. Switzerland 

Are most governments a democracy?

Today, yes. There are only a handful of states that rest under dictatorial control (eg. North Korea and Cuba). It is strategically unwise to be anti-democratic because as the

What 5 countries have totalitarian governments?

North Korea,Burma,Cuba,China, Zimbabwe Current or Past??? Well the number is more than just 5 . to the list you must include Iran, Iraq , Afghanistan, Venezuela , Bolivia an

Is Democracy the best form of Government?

During a speech, Sir Winston Churchill has said, "It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried" therefore stat

Which countries DO NOT have democracy?

Only two countries in the world do not claim to be democracies, Myanmar (Burma) which is a Military Dictatorship, and Vatican City which is an Ecclesiastical Monarchy. Howev