5 examples of a pure substance?

Some pure substances are simply elements: Hydrogen, Helium, Carbon, Gold, Silver, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Calcium, Potassium, etc.

Here are a few pure substances that are not elements, but rather are compounds: Methane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, pure water and table salt (sodium chloride).
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Is Salt an example of a pure substance?

To a chemist, there are many kinds of salts. It would be more precise to say that sodium chloride is a pure substance. Table salt usually involves two different chemicals, mos (MORE)

10 examples of pure substances?

Hydrogen,Gold, Silver, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Methane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, pure water and table salt (sodium chloride).

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What are 10 examples of a pure substance?

Pure substances always have chemical formulae. Here are some examples of pure substances: 1. water (H2O) 2. helium (He) 3. iron (Fe) 4. hydrochloric acid (HCl) 5. carbon (MORE)

What are the 10 examples of pure substance?

Water, Helium, Iron, Hydrochloric Acid, Carbon Dioxide, Mercury, Methane, Silver, Sodium Chloride, Hydrogen

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What is a pure substance?

A pure substance cannot be separated into any other kinds of matter by any physical or chemical process. It is also made up of the same particles. An element is an example of (MORE)

What are some examples of pure substances and mixtures?

Pure substances: table salt, sugar, absolute alcohol Mixtures: vinegar, cooking oil, milk     Potassium nitrate is a pure compound (substance), but when it is mixed wi (MORE)

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An example heterogeneous mixture of a pure substance?

An example that our teacher gave us was ice floating in water. Two different stages of the same thing.Another example would be Dry Ice subliming in a sealed container.There is (MORE)

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