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A European automobile has a gas mileage of 16 What is the gas mileage in miles per gallon?

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Presumably you mean a gas mileage of 16 liters per 100 kilometer.
If 100 kilometer equals approximately 62 miles, and 1 (one) liter equals 0.264172051 US gallon, then 16 times 0.264172051 is 4.226752816. For simplicity we will round of the number to 4.2 gallons.
Therefore, the European vehicle uses 4.2 US gallon of gas for every 62 miles driven. Divide 62 miles by 4.2 and you get a little over 14 miles per gallon of gas.
For example, my vehicle uses 7.1 liters of gas per 100 kilometer. Therefore it consumes the equivalent of 1.9 US gallons of gas per 62 miles or provides 32 miles per US gallon.
Which vehicle consumes less? Bear in mind gas consumption or saving is based on many factors not excluding speed, vehicle weight, wind direction, tire pressure, quick (jerky) starts and stops, and road conditions. Obviously not an ideal measuring instrument.
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