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A waterfall is the physical feature that occurs when a stream or river flows over the edge of a vertical (or nearly vertical) escarpment of considerable height (above a few meters).
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Do jungles have waterfalls?

  Many waterfalls may be found in jungles, as they are elsewhere.

Why does waterfall?

Because it is a liquid and it will always flow to the lowest pointit can find

How is a waterfall formed?

Water falls over Hard rock. When it reaches the soft rock, the water starts to wear away the soft rock, this is called erosion. Over hundreds or even thousands of years, the s

How does the waterfall start?

by a high current that is from the sea in to a river and over time the rock has worn away by the water then a waterfall is formed with a very high current!

What is a gorge of a waterfall?

A gorge is a very step valley some times blocked up. a gorge has a river that runs through and and a lot of rocks.

What does a waterfall symbolize?

'In Chinese symbolism, the waterfall represents the feminine while the mountain or cliff is the masculine. The downward fall of the WATER is the natural complement to the upwa

Where do waterfalls get their water?

Waterfalls are really sudden changes in the paths of ordinary rivers. The water flows along the river bed, and where there is a sudden drop, the water falls to the continuatio

What is a waterfall?

A waterfall is formed by lakes and rivers. Then water falls so it creates a waterfall. Waterfalls are a stream of gushing,river, water that flows over the edge of a vertical n

Why do you have waterfalls?

To begin with, the river tee runs along the top of a cliff. It then flows over the side, forming a basic overhang. The force of the water (the average is a volume of about 50

What is the biggest waterfalls?

  The highest waterfall in the world is Salto Angel Falls on the Rio Gauja in Venezuela at 979 metres. The second highest is Tugela Falls on the Tugela River in South Af

Definition of Waterfall Model in software engineering?

Waterfall model uses sequential design process, in which each phase  is tested in level by level like a waterflow from top to bottom. In  waterfall model once we come out of