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A waterfall is the physical feature that occurs when a stream or river flows over the edge of a vertical (or nearly vertical) escarpment of considerable height (above a few meters).
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Where do you get waterfall?

After you beat the last gym, walk to the girl standing near the gym. She will give you the hm.

What is a waterfall?

A waterfall is formed by lakes and rivers. Then water falls so it creates a waterfall. Waterfalls are a stream of gushing,river, water that flows over the edge of a vertical n

Why are there waterfalls?

There are waterfalls because water travels from the highest  elevation to the lowest elevation via gravity. Waterfalls tend to  be the path of least resistance as the water

Why do you have waterfalls?

To begin with, the river tee runs along the top of a cliff. It then flows over the side, forming a basic overhang. The force of the water (the average is a volume of about 50

How get a waterfall?

The formation of waterfalls The waterfalls are always formed at upper courses. The structure of rocks may be different, some are less resistant rocks, and some are resistant r

Definition of Waterfall Model in software engineering?

Waterfall model uses sequential design process, in which each phase  is tested in level by level like a waterflow from top to bottom. In  waterfall model once we come out of