A mother gave birth to twin boys but they were born in different years and on different days And no the boys are not part of 2 sets How can this be possible?

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The first boy was born on the last day of the year. The second was born on the first. right but the first was born at 11:59p.m the other sometime after midnite
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Marsha and Marjorie were born on the same day of the month of the same year and had the same mother and same father yet they are not twins How is that possible?

Well Marsha and Marjorie may not be twins but still for example marsha could of been born the day before marjorie or what might of happend is maybe for examle marjorie was bor

Is it possible to have a twin who has a different mother than you?

Naturally never! Artificially maybe and possible. Naturally . Dizygotical (DZ) Twins (Fraternal or Non-Identical Twins) : . Born under the fertilization of two differen
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What is the difference between boys' and girls' parts?

Well you will learn more in health class, but the basics are: The boys is meant to go into places and gives of sperm. The girls is compleatly different from the boys, the girl
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Can a woman give birth to twins but in different year?

If one baby is born on the last day of one year and the other is born on the forst day of the new year then yes. or if they use IVF and one twin is implanted before the other