A type of clothing that starts with n?

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Neck tie, that's all sorry 8/
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What Clothes that start with a?

there are no clothes that start with an 'a' there are brands but not types. yes, there is an anorak, a sweater or winter coat

Clothing starting with a?

If by this question, you mean a words that are similar to clothing or a synonym, it may be apparel or attire. This is probably most suitable if it is for a crossword puzzle. Anorack. . Anorak . Anorak. Anorak . Clothing starting withe the letter A Ascott . There are apron and ascot. apparel, (MORE)

What type of deers name starts with a N?

Being an avid hunter, i am familar with many types of deer. I have hunted N orth American whitetails, north American mule deer (western states) and I have also heard of the north china sika deer.

Clothes starting with N?

Nylons are a clothing item. A negligee is a clothing item. New Balance sneakers are a clothing item.

What type of clothing starts with the letter D?

Well, let's see. There are many types of clothing that begin with the letter D, but here are some I could think of off the top of my head:. diaper. dungarees. designer clothing. dress. Dockers. Doc Martens. Denim. Donna Karan brand clothes. I think you could get more if you included more br (MORE)

What articles of clothing start with the letter N?

\nNecktie. . Nicker's if your from South London (England). NECK TIE Neckerchief, neckwarmer. . neck tie . necktie . neckerchief . necklace . negligee . nightgown . nightshirt . nightcap A nightgown :) · necktie · negligee · nightgown · Nike sneakers · nylons (MORE)

What type of lizard starts with the letter N?

There are not many genuine lizards who begin with the letter "N",but a nile monitor one is one of them. They are a large member ofthe monitor lizard family. Most people would assume a newt could bea possible lizard that starts with the letter "N", but despite anewt's lizard like appearance, they are (MORE)

Types of clothing that start with the alphabet letters?

Apron, beret, cummerbund, diaper, earmuffs, fatigues, galoshes,hosiery, Izod shirt, jammies, kimono, leotards, mittens, negligee,overalls, parka, Quiksilver brand T-shirts, robe, stockings,turban, underwear, vest, windbreaker, yarmulke and zoot suit areclothing items.

What is a type of car that starts with the letter N?

Cars that begin with the letter N include: . Nash . Navajo (Mazda) . Navigator (Lincoln) . Neon (Dodge) . New Yorker (Chrysler) . Newport (Chrysler) . Ninety-eight (Oldsmobile) . Nissan . Neon (Dodge) . Noah (Toyota) . Noble sports cars . Nomad (Chevrolet) . Nova (Chevrolet) . NSX (Hon (MORE)

What type of car starts with letter n?

Cars that begin with the letter N: . Nash . Navajo (Mazda) . Navigator (Lincoln) . Neon (Dodge) . New Yorker (Chrysler) . Newport (Chrysler) . Ninety-eight (Oldsmobile) . Nissan, Neon (Dodge) . Noah (Toyota) . Noble sports cars . Nomad (Chevrolet) . Nova (Chevrolet) . NSX (Honda) . Nu (MORE)

What type of clothing starts with a M?

mini dress, mini skirt . mittens . maternity dress, maternity top, shorts etc. . muff (a thick , soft cover into which both hands can be placed to protect them from the cold)

Clothes shop starting with letter n?

Napoleon's Tailor (men's clothing, specializing in sizes for shorter men). Nieman Marcus (department store, all types of clothing). Nordstrom's (department store, all types of clothing)

A cloth or clothing that starts with M?

Clothing or cloth that starts with M:. muslin (cloth) . muffler (scarf) . muumuu, traditional Hawaiian dress . maternity pants, dress, top etc. . mittens . muff, (usually soft and furry, a tube-shaped cover with holes at each end, hands are placed inside to keep warm . mini dress, mini skirt (MORE)

What are the types of clothing?

I think there are three main types of clothing, where as there are many subtype of clothing. Men clothing Women clothing Children clothing.

What type of clothes are there?

There are so many types of clothing! There are skirts, shirts, tank tops, shorts, pants, jeans, skorts, dresses, sweat pants, coats, jackets, blouses, vests, sweat shirts, bathing suite cover-ups, and so many more!

What clothes start with i?

Izod shirt Ice skates Insoles Izar: A cotton outer garment Ipex bra Inverness cape (like Sherlock Holmes) Intimates (underclothing)

What type of clothing might be considered a type of occupational clothing?

Religious Clothing might be considered a Type of Occupational Clothing. Occupational clothing - a clothing which is not conventional in nature and which an employer has prescribed in an express policy stating that there is a requirement or compulsion to wear the clothing by employees. That policy (MORE)

What type of cloths start with a w?

· waistcoat · walking shoes · warm-up suit · wedding gown · Wellington boots · windbreaker · wingtip shoes · winter coat · wool sweater · wrap

What type of clothing starts with letter a-z?

Clothing A - Z: A: argyle sweater, ascot (small scarf worn around the neck), apron B: bikini, boxer shorts, bermuda shorts, blouse, blazer, bra C: camisole, capri pants, cropped pants, cardigan sweater D: dress E: evening gown F: flannel shirt, fez (a type of hat) G: girdle, glo (MORE)

What time did shakespeare type clothes start and end?

It is impossible to know what you imagine "Shakespeare-type clothes" to be. Shakespeare lived for over fifty years, and fashions can and did change considerably over fifty years. The related links show some of the varied kinds of clothing worn during Shakespeare's lifetime.

What type of job starts with n?

· Nanny · NASCAR Driver · Narcotics Agent · Narrator · Natural Sciences Manager · Navigator · Navy Officer · Negotiator · Neighborhood Coordinator · Neon Sign Installer · Network Computer Systems Administrator · Neurologist · Neurosur (MORE)