A woman was married three times and divorced at least two Would it be legal for her to start using one of the first two married last names again to sign documents?

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No. She can only use her most recent husband's name , or her maiden name if it was restored at the time of the divorce . Using previous husbands names would be fraudulent misrepresentation.
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Can two illegal immigrants legally get married in the US?

Answer . \nno they will call immagration and take you back to your country. Answer . \nYes they can. My closest friend is an illegal alien and he got married to another illegal alien in the county courthouse in Illinois. All they needed was their birth certificates and identification. She di (MORE)

Is it narcissistic to marry and divorce two different women twice each and divorce the last one for the second time to date a married woman?

Answer . Yes, this sounds quite a lot like what happened in my situation. In my case, my ex married me once, and then divorced me, and dated a married woman (she was technically married, as was he, since neither of their divorces were final at the time). Then she dumped him (smart woman) and he r (MORE)

Is it legal to be married to two people?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nNot in most countries. There are a few countries were having more than one wife is allowed, several in Africa. In the US it is bigamy and is against the law.

If a man divorces a woman will he ever marry her again?

Answer . Maybe. Answer . It is possible. I know of more than a few couples (including an aunt and uncle of mine) who remarried after being divorced. You know the old saying, "you don't know what you have, until you've lost it."

My husband was married 3 times His first marriage lasted 6 months she left new york He was married a second time divorced her then married me we've been married for 7 yrs. will we have to marry again?

The best thing for you to do is to pray about it, if you feel the need not to then to stay away from being divorced is when your having your differences go on his side for a change you made a vow through sickness and through heath till death do we part. The only right time to get divorced is when t (MORE)

If you are married in Pakistan where polygamy is legal and then marry again in England without divorcing the first spouse - are you a bigamist?

If you marry twice then by the strictest definition, yes you are abigamist, but if both marriages were in a country where polygamy islegal then bigamy is of no significance. In this case, if one wasin Pakistan and one in England, then by English law you are inviolation of their statutes against biga (MORE)

If two us citizens get married in Peru is it legal?

It is legal for United States citizens to get married in Peru, butany US citizens who wish to get married in Peru must presentcertain legal documents to the Peruvian authorities in order tobecome legally married in the country. First, the citizens mustpresent a sworn statement known a Certificado de (MORE)

If two US citizens get married in Canada are they legally married in the US?

Yes, a legal marriage in any country is recognized as a legal marriage in the US. You cannot legally get married in the US if you are already married in another country. What you can do is file the marriage document in the County office.. Addendum: It should be noted that, under DOMA, only marriage (MORE)

Can a man get married to two woman?

No. In Western countries you can only be married to one person at a time. In the United States, a man marrying two different women at the same time is a crime called "bigamy". The second marriage is legally void, but the attempt itself is criminal. "Polygamy" is the generic word for a situatio (MORE)

Can a divorced woman who is a Jehovahs Witness marry again?

Jesus tells us in Mark 10:10-12 - "When again in the house the disciples began to question him concerning this. And he said to them: "Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her, and if ever a woman, after divorcing her husband, marries another, she commits adultery. (MORE)

Who was the first president to marry a divorced woman?

The first president to marry a divorced woman was actually Andrew Jackson. However, it depends on how you define divorced. Andrew Jackson had married a woman who had previously had a "frontier divorce." Because the government bureaucracy was much slower in the West, the communities could gather to a (MORE)

Friend who didn't change her name on her social security card when she go married but she frequently will sign legal document using her husbands last name. I fear she may run into some legal issues?

Technically your friend doesn't have to change her name at all. They would treat her situation the same way as if she kept her maiden name. I know lots of people that get loans, buy houses, even change their name on their driver's license with no problems. It's just a name, and it's easy enough to k (MORE)

What is the time length and rules for common law marriage in the state of TX and if you are not yet divorced is it possible to find yourself in some legal issues being married to two people?

Texas has "informal marriage" which doesn't really require any specific time period; the couple simply file a court form stating that they agreed to be married on or about a certain date, that neither of them has since married any other person, and that they have represented themselves to other peop (MORE)

If a woman was to marry Tarzan name something she would have to get used to?

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Can paganism priest legally marry two people and legally sign the marriage certificate?

That depends on whether they are licensed in your state. You need to check to see if they are properly licensed. If not, some states allow a one day permit for anyone to perform a marriage ceremony. Inquire at your town or county clerk's office. That depends on whether they are licensed in your sta (MORE)

Does a will made while husband and wife are married still be legal after the two are divorced?

Generally, a will made while married is made invalid by a divorce for any provisions made for your spouse. Generally, a will made while married is made invalid by a divorce for any provisions made for your spouse. Generally, a will made while married is made invalid by a divorce for any provisions (MORE)