Advantages of spanish colonization in Philippines?

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Spanish colonization in the Philippines brought several advantages, including wealth and monetary prosperity. It also brought the advantage of improved technology to the area.
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How did Spain colonize the Philippines?

Spain colonized the Philippines with the cross (Roman Catholicism) and the sword (oppression). The Spanish colonization of the Philippines was made easy by its archipelagic physical characteristic and by the fact that there was no central government. Autonomous tribes governed by chieftains were sep (MORE)

Who colonized the Philippines?

The Philippines was colonized by three countries, namely: . Spain colonized the Philippines for 333 years . United Sates of America for 50 years . Japan during World War 2 The Philippines is now an independent democratic country.

What was the structure of the Spanish colonial government during their colonization of the Philippines?

The Spanish Colonial government structure was hierarchical. At the head was the reigning monarch, below him two branches: The Audiencias and the Viceroyalties who handled administrative matters. Due to conflicts, the Audiencies were eventually made subject to Vice-royal authority. A third arm, the C (MORE)

Who colonized Philippines?

Spain . England . America . Japan These countries colonized us in order. If you do not believe that the England colonized the Philippines because it is rarely or not talked about, it is because the British Empire only colonized us for 2 years.

What are the advantages of colonizers?

In general terms, 'colonizers' have material and technologicaladvantages that enable them to have at least initial strengths whenengaged in colonizing efforts. These advantages are primarilyrelevant in relation to indigenous peoples in the territories beingcolonized; they can also be relevant in rel (MORE)

Why did the Spaniards colonize the Philippines?

It is a misconception that Philippines was colonized by theSpaniards because of the spices found in the country. During thePeriod of Exploration and discovery, the Philippines did notactually cultivate the spices desired by the Spaniards such ascloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. The country was actually c (MORE)

History of the Spain that colonize the Philippines?

Spaniards colonize Philippines for almost 333 years. The Filipinos thought that Spaniards are undefeatable but when the British came here in the Philippines they proved that Spaniards can be defeated. Spaniards are very strict leaders for the Filipinos. The three main reasons why did the Spaniards (MORE)

Japanese colonization in the Philippines?

The Japanese occupied the Philippines during World War 2 startingon December 8, 1941 just hours after the bombing at Pearl Harbor.The occupation ended with the battle in Luzon.

Why did the US want to colonize the Philippines?

The Philippines came under US control as a result of the Spanish-American War. At that time, the US declared it had no interest in permanent colonization of the islands. At the time of World War 2 and the Japanese military expansion, the Philippines were well along the path to formal independence.

Why did Japan colonized Philippines?

The Japanese colonized the Philippines to establish merchant andtrade affairs between the two countries. The Japanese were presentin Luzon long before Spanish colonization.

When was the American colonization of the Philippines?

The American colonization of the Philippines lasted between 1898and 1946. American gained control of the Philippines with thesigning of the Treaty of Paris. After World War II, America gavethe Philippines their independence.

What was the Philippines prior to the arrival of the Spanish colonizers?

Before the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 and of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, the Spanish colonizer in 1565 (forty four years after Magellan's death), the Philippines was comprised of independent tribes separated by mountains, and bodies of water. Each tribe, however, had its own mores, laws, (MORE)

Why did Japan colonize the Philippines?

The Japanese began to colonize the Philippines because they wererunning out of space and resources. Their country is four bigislands that were recently formed by volcanoes, meaning that theyhave limited mineral and metal resources. This forced the Japaneseto colonize and attempt to take over other n (MORE)

Why did Spain colonize the Philippines?

Spain wanted to colonize the Philippines for three reasons. . to colonize as many lands as possible to make itself the most powerful empire in the world. . to gain access to spices in Asia. . to spread the Roman Catholic religion to many countries as possible.

Who is the two major colonizers of the Philippines?

firstly it is: "Who are the two major colonizers of the Philippines." 1) Spain the Philippines were a colony of Spain. However they had long been fighting for independence. 2) America before America won the Spanish American war, American president William McKinley told Emiliano Aguinaldo, (almost (MORE)

Why did the Japanese colonize the Philippines?

During WWII the Japanese wanted to rule the whole world under therebanner. To do this they planned on invading the United States ofAmerica. They had two routes. The Pacific Islands close to them,and the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. The Philippines were a key staging and launching point for troopsand (MORE)

If Philippines was not colonized what would have happen?

i guess if we were not colonized by any other country theres gonna be a bog difference. Roman catholic will not be dominant in our country. We cannot speak English, theres a possibility that our way of writing would still be "baybayin". The classes in society. Chiefdom will be more active, no Main g (MORE)

What were the aims of Spanish colonization in the Philippines?

It is summed with three words: God, Gold, and Glory. God: Spanish colonizers actually went to the Philippines to fulfillthe deathwish of Isabel I, who said that "she would donate all herwealth for the conversion of the Indies". This was fulfilled byKing Philip II. During the early 1600's, Spain con (MORE)

What were the objectives of the Japanese in colonizing the Philippines?

Japan had long been the major force in the pacific region, had fought wars with russia and china over it and by the 1920s occupied large parts of china and manchuria. By now the usa was an emerging industrial giant and with the opening of the Panama had grown very fast with rapid transit from east t (MORE)

Did the french colonized the Philippines?

Nope. Spain first colonized the Philippines in 1521, In 1759 Charles III became king of Spain during that time France and Britain were at war( seven years war). France had a Treaty with Spain. Known as the Family Compact. On September 1762, The Roval Navy accompanied by East Indies Squadron and Bri (MORE)

Advantage and disadvantage of taxation in the spanish colonization?

Taxation in the Spanish colonization greatly improved the production and quality of food and resources the Philippines had to offer. This proved to be a major advantage in the growth of the country, as it gave them the ability to sell to other countries such as China. One disadvantage was the fact t (MORE)

Why did the Portuguese colonize the Philippines?

They never did; it was the Spaniards. The Philipinnes were todevelop into a vital link in Spain's very profitable trade with theAmericas and the Far East. But initially, the desire to bringChristianity to this part of the world was also a very strongmotive.