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ORLY Airport (Paris, France) was named after Ukrainian Hryhor (Grégoire) Orlyk (Ukrainian: Григoр Пилипович Орлик) (November 5, 1702, Baturyn, Ukraine --- November 14, 1759, Minden, Germany).

Hryhor Orlyk's father, Pylyp Orlyk, was a diplomat, Hetman (leader) of Ukrainian Kozaks, and author of the first democratic constitution in the world. Hryhor Orlyk was a French military commander, a special envoy, and member of Louis XV's secret intelligence service. Hryhor Orlyk was born on November 5, 1702 in Baturyn, Ukraine, one of eight children; he was educated in Sweden, served in Poland and Saxony, and participated in secret efforts of France to restore Stanisław Leszczyński to the Polish throne. He later commanded one of Louis XV's royal regiments. He fought in the Seven Years' War in Europe, and distinguished himself in the Battle of Rosbach and the Siege of Charleroi. For his intelligence work and military exploits, he was given the title of comte (count) and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General. Hryhor Orlyk was killed in 1759 at the Battle of Minden in Germany, where he is also buried.

Hryhor Orlyk was an acquaintance of French philosopher Voltaire and championed the Ukrainian cause in France and in other countries.
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