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Antiques, special interest items, period pieces are a few.
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How is child support collected from someone in a another state?

Federal statutes allow all U.S. states and territories to honor  child support orders and enforce them. That being the case, the  custodial parent or legal guardian files th

Is the word crew an collective noun?

Yes it is a collective noun, for example a crew of laborers, a crew of sailors, a crew of pilots, a crew of rowers, and a crew of firemen or rescue workers.

How long can you collect unemployment after you start working at another job?

Some states count the unemployment/employment time from when you EARNED the wages and others when you RECEIVED your pay. To protect yourself, immediately notify them that your

What is the collective noun of the word doves?

Collective nouns for doves are:a dule of dovesan exaltation of dovesa bevy of dovesa cote of dovesa flight of dovesa piteousness of dovesa pair of doves.

Will there be another collection after Heroes of Olympus?

Rick Riordan said it depends on how he and his fans feel after the rest of the books in this series. I hope there's another, so jazz up fans!Oh, and if you want to read the ne

Is the word raindrops a collective noun?

No, the noun raindrops is the plural form for raindrop. A collective noun is a word that groups a number of like things; for example, a smattering of raindrops, a deluge of
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What are collective nouns for the word smugglers?

There is no standard collective noun for 'smugglers'. However, a collective noun is an informal part of language and any noun that suits the situation can function as a collec