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the opposite is futureology.
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What is archaeology?

Archaeology is the study of material remains related to the human  past. Such remains include monumental structures such as the  pyramids of Egypt, to microscopic plant frag

What is an archaeology?

archaeologist (an anthropologist who studies prehistoric people and their culture) As long as humans have lived on earth they have left traces of their existence. Whatever t

What is an antonym for get?

Get means to receive, so the antonym would be give.

What is the antonym for you are?

Some words do not have direct opposites [antonyms]. Antonyms do not usually substitute for phrases. The phrase "you are" has no antonym. A contrasting version of "you are"

What is antonym of archaeology?

Not all words have true antonyms. In fact, most don't. Archaeologyis one of them. You could choose any of a number of words orphrases depending on what part of archaeology you