Apakah tugas-tugas seorang pembantu penguasa kastam?

melakukan pemantauan ke atas barang-barang import
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So you were saying there's certain music you listen to that helps you get into character. Is there a certain band you listen to or do you have like a go-to song that helps you channel Cobblepot?

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Borang pemohon kastam diraja Malaysia online?

Good afternoon,Sir.I want to apply this job. Where is can i apply this job. And how i want to apply the job. please sir help me. It is because i very love this job.This is my (MORE)

Bila pengambilan anggota baru kastam diraja Malaysia?

salammm...saya bakal pesara tentera,untuk makluman pehak tuan saya amat berminat dengan tugas kastam diraja mlaysia,jadi soalan saye,bila kah pengambilan kastam dan apakah sya (MORE)

Apa tugas merchandiser?

This is an international position in Supermarket merchandising.  Consult local listings for these positions or international web  listings.

Tugas merchandiser fashion?

Merchandiser fashion is looking into the future market trends in  fashion, ensuring that the product is available on the right store,  on the right website, in required quan (MORE)