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Approximate amount of lump sum settlement for herniated disc surgery?

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It all depends on how badly you are injured. There are actually many factors. My friend is an auto mechanic and a chisel that was being hammered on broke and a sliver shot across the garage and went thru all 12 layers of his eye. There is no surgery available to fix his blindness in one eye. Workers comp only gave him 90,000. You do not get a lot of money for your injuries. It is not like suing for medical malpractice or for an auto accident. The money they pay is quite less. I would imagine around 40,000 would be your answer and that's only if you have the right lawyer. Get a lawyer!
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What is a herniated disc?

As the spinal disc becomes less elastic, it can rupture. When the disc ruptures, a portion of the spinal disc pushes outside its normal boundary--this is called a herniated di

What is an average award or settlement for a herniated disc?

There is no average award or settlement for a herniated disc,because so many different factors are involved. Award amounts willvary depending on whether the cause was negligen

Do I have a herniated disc?

A: You need to describe your symptoms specifically. B: Best to go and see a doctor - personal examination is much better than trying long-distance diagnosis. It feels like th

If your L5 disc is herniated do you need to have surgery?

Probably not. Current research is suggesting that unless there are severe neurological signs (loss of bowel and/or bladder function), surgery is not a good option unless ev

How long does it take a herniated disc to heal after surgery?

If you had microdiscectomy surgery, it can take as long as 3-4 months for the spine to fully scar over. However, normal activities may be resumed 2-3 weeks after surgery. Just

Is herniated disc surgery dangerous?

"All surgery should be taken with caution. A herniated disc is not an uncommon surgery. It should be discussed with your doctor as age, health and symptoms are important facto

What is herniation of disc?

It is a condition in which part of an organ becomes displaced and protrudes through the wall of the cavity that contains it.

How is herniated disc surgery performed?

There are four different surgeries to choose from to fix a herniated disc. A discectomy removes the herniated disk from the spinal canal. The surgery takes about an hour. The
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What does a lump sum settlement refer to?

A lump sum settlement refer to receiving money from a structured settlement or payment plan or winnings instead of mouth by mouth you give up a few month in oder to receive a