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Approximate amount of lump sum settlement for herniated disc surgery?

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It all depends on how badly you are injured. There are actually many factors. My friend is an auto mechanic and a chisel that was being hammered on broke and a sliver shot across the garage and went thru all 12 layers of his eye. There is no surgery available to fix his blindness in one eye. Workers comp only gave him 90,000. You do not get a lot of money for your injuries. It is not like suing for medical malpractice or for an auto accident. The money they pay is quite less. I would imagine around 40,000 would be your answer and that's only if you have the right lawyer. Get a lawyer!
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What is an average award or settlement for a herniated disc?

There is no average award or settlement for a herniated disc,  because so many different factors are involved. Award amounts will  vary depending on whether the cause was ne

What is the recovery time after surgery for a herniated disc?

Unfortunately, there is not a specific time for recovery as no two people can recover in the same way at the same rate. An average time frame would be between one month and si

Is a bulging Disc a herniated disc?

No. A bulging disc is a disc that has mildly or severely (depending on what the diagnostics prove) buldged from the intervertebral space. This means that the nucleus inside th

What are other names for a herniated disc?

  A herniated disc is also referred to as a slipped, rupture, bulging, or protruding disc.

Are bulging disc and herniated disc the same?

Bulge, herniation, protrusion. Terminology varies but a bulge generally protrudes less. A herniation or protrusion sticks out more when looking at an MRI.

You have recently had a discectomy and laminotomy How long does the pain last after surgery It is not surgical pain but the pain you had before from a herniated disc?

  It has been 5 weeks for me and I still have the same pain as before.   I hope the real answer is longer than 5 weeks or it appears that it didn't work for me.   My

What are the advantages of a lump sum settlement?

The advantage of a lump sum settlement is that one does not have to pay tax on it. The money has already been paid, so there is no worry about arrears.

What are the symptoms of a disc herniation?

Herniated disc that are not pressing on a nerve, may be lower back ache to no symptoms. A herniated disc that is hitting a nerve, may cause weakness, numbness and or pain in t

What type doctor can treat herniated disc?

If you have a disk herniation or disk bulge, either a Chiropractor  (DC), Doctor of Medicine (MD) or a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine  (DO) are all qualified and capable of

What is a lump sum?

A payment, usually for a large amount of money, that is paid once and covers the whole debt; a lump sum may be paid by an insurance company to write off the debt forever so th

What problem does a herniated disc cause?

One part of the answer is that it causes pain to radiate down your buttocks all the way to your foot. Pain probably stays within a certain region of your back. It may also cau

What problems does a herniated disc cause?

A herniated disc can cause problems or symptoms like leg weakness,  back pain, and numbness or pain that radiates down the legs. A  herniated disc occurs when there is a rup

Does numbness from a herniated disc ever subside?

unless you fix the root of the problem, which is stop the herniation pressing against the nerve, typically no. However the numbness can be managed with heat therapy, massage