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Are CIA FBI and NSA mainframes connected in any way?

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Yes, all member agencies of the Intelligence Community have common databases where their employees can all access the same information - often on a need-to-know basis and with proper clearance - in order to assemble the best possible intelligence reports. If the CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, etc didn't share the information they know with each other then each would be missing pieces of the puzzle, so to speak, and this would lead to a very unorganized intelligence system and bad, incomplete intelligence reports.
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Is there any way the FBI can lock my phone?

The probably could but if you have a message that the FBI have  locked it and you have to pay money then you have been hit by a  scam. Do not pay. Take the phone to a shop a

What does FBI and CIA stand for?

  FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation CIA - Central Intelligence Agency

How old do you have to be to join the CIA or FBI?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation you must be at least 23 years of age with a four year degree. The Central Intelligence Agency accepts CV's at 21 and education and or exper

What does CIA and FBI means?

FBI means Federal Bureau of Investigation and CIA means Central Intelligence Agency!

What is nsa?

Answer   National Security Agency   *******   In terms of sexuality, NSA refers to "No Strings Attached" and is generally used to indicate casual sex is wanted.

Is Asperger's Syndrome connected in any way to homosexuality?

Not at all, as far as researchers have been able to determine. There is no known link between AS and homosexuality that research has been able to determine. There is a growi

Do the CIA FBI or NSA supersede the police?

The NSA and FBI can pull the "Federal" jurisdiction card in some cases and take control of an alleged criminal. Technically the CIA has no jurisdiction inside the US.

Which the highest police in America NSA CIA FBI interpol?

These organizations are not arranged hierarchically. Each has a different mission statement.NSA or National Security Agency has no power to arrest. Shrouded in more secrecy th

Can kids join the CIA or FBI?

no you have to be 23 years old in order to join, and you have to have a 4 year collage degree.

OSS is to CIA as FBI is to united state?

  The OSS (office of Strategic Services) was the predecessor organization of the CIA that was formed during WWII. It was disbanded at war's end. but recreated as the CIA (

Which is a more dangerous job CIA or FBI?

Depending on what you do. As a CIA agent, you will be more exposed than an FBI agent. However, a CIA Analyst does not really see any action, an FBI analyst maybe at more risk.

What is mainframe?

a mainframe computer. a large digital computer serving 100-400 users and occupying a special air-conditioned room.

Does the CIA have more authority then the FBI?

They are not really comparable. The CIA does not enforce any laws, but collects intelligence overseas. There are no circumstances where the CIA can legally arrest you (besides

Who is higher up CIA or FBI?

The CIA answers directly to the President whereas the FBI answers to the DOJ. They are each the top of their "area of concern".