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LCD vs. Plasma There has been a lot of misinformation about plasma TVs. People used to think that you had to recharge the gas over a certain period of time or that they burned out. The life span on a plasma or LCD on average is 60,000 hours. At about 8 hours a day that's over 21 years. Most of the major manufacturers list this spec on their websites. As far as what's better, it depends on the application. Plasma generally has better black levels, less motion artifacts and a sharper picture. But they also have a more reflective screen which can be bad in a room with large windows.
LCD's do better with computers. They are not prone to burn-in, so when you have an image on the screen that does not move (like a blue apple in the top left corner, or a start button in the bottom left) it won't damage the screen.
Plasma screens require more energy than LCD screens, and they produce a noticeable amount of heat.
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