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Polar bears are not only extremely unpredictable, but also very aggressive and will attack a human (territory or not.) There was only one recorded incident where a man found a Polar Bear cub and was able to play with the cub, then later as it became an adult, but, smart on his part he sent the Polar Bear back out in the wild where it belonged. Polar bears are extremely fast on their feet (more so than Grizzly bears) and will chase their victim until they drop.

They are one of the only animals that will go out of their way to hunt you down and kill you. Not very friendly.

Polar bears fight for food and when another polar bear is stealing their food and if other polar bears are bugging them.
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Why do we have polar bears?

I don't have Polar bears... I have Polar bears because I think that they are more cuddly than Pandas OR Koalas.

What will you do with polar bears?

All humans living on this planet right now are in charge of doing their part to protect these magnificent creatures from the threat of extinction. And we can not sit by idly a

What does a polar bear do?

They sleep, eat, and play. They find a mate to mate with and create cubs, or baby polar bears. They swim to different hunting areas for seals and they teach their young how to

From where are polar bears?

Polar bears are from the Arctic. They live near the countries that are by the North Pole and Arctic circle such as Canada, US, Russia, Denmark, Norway and islands near Scandin

Why are there polar bears?

first the question doesnt make sense,polar bears r here because they just live on earth

Where do you get Polar bears?

Polar bears live in the Arctic, including Canada and Svalbard (a group of islands north of Scandinavia), Denmark, Norway, USSR/Russia, and the US.

What does the polar bear do?

Polar bears hunt, eat, sleep, have cubs and feed their cubs. And that is pretty much it. they cache fish by dunking there heads under water and grit it by the polar bears tee

What can polar bears do?

Swim, run, smell things from very far away, survive extremely cold habitats, act as the top predator in their range, hunt and eat, fish, sleep, hibernate, play, forage, dig sn

Why are you not a polar bear?

Because it would be genetically impossible. My parents are human beings, therefore, I had no choice in the matter. Had my parents been polar bears, then I would have been one.

If you were a polar bear?

If I would suddenly be a polar bear the first thing I would probably do is wonder how I turned into a polar bear. If that costs me too much energy or I don't like thinking abo

Are polar bears friendly with humans?

No they are not and should never be regarded as such. They are dangerous animals, just like grizzly bears and black bears are dangerous to humans. And yes, there have been rep

Why are there no polar bears?

There may be no polar bears where you live because it is not cold enough for them to live there. But there ARE polar bears in this world, you just have to head to the far nort