Are airsoft wars legal in Illinois?

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As long as they are performed on private property with the owner's consent, no they are not.
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Are airsoft guns legal in Michigan?

Answer . \nAirsoft guns are classified as toys. They are legal in Michigan. Michigan Law requires all toy guns that are made to look extremely real, to have brite orange paint on the end of the barrel. The only state I know of where airsoft guns are illegal is New York.

Are airsoft guns legal in Illinois?

The state of Illinois does not allow you to use and handle airsoft guns publicly. However, you may still own, sell, or buy an airsoft gun.

Are airsoft guns legal in Arkansas?

Airsoft guns are considered toys so they are not illegal in any state (except New York). However, it must have a bright orange tip in the front or it can be considered a real wepon.. P.S. You have to be 18 to buy them

Are airsoft guns legal?

YES!!!! but they need to have an orange tip for it to be legal to shoot other people if it brakes off DO NOT SHOOT IT AT ALL fix it or get a new one also make sure that the fps is at a legal level

Are airsoft guns legal in Connecticut?

Yes, airsoft IS legal in Connecticut.. However, some cities, such as Bridgeport, do not allow the public use of Airsoft guns, although I believe they might be illegal to own there at all.. New Haven does not sell Airsoft guns from what I know of.. Keep the blaze orange tip on it, and put it in a (MORE)

Is it legal to airsoft anywhere in roseville ca?

Of cource it is. As long as you don't get caught! :-p Check your local laws! Also, keep in mind that is is illegal, not to mention irresponsible, to have a realistically colored airsoft gun out in public in California.

What states are airsoft guns legal in?

Airsoft gun are legal in most states but not legal for some cities. So you will have to check with your local authorities and state regulations but most if not all states are okay with airsoft guns. \

Are airsoft guns legal in Wisconsin?

Airsoft Guns are legal everywhere in the US Except New York CityMetro (5 Boroughs), portions of Michigan, San Francisco, andWashington DC. Airsoft guns are legal in the U.S. Because airsoftguns are considered toys by the government, as long as you haveyour orange tip and are careful who you aim at y (MORE)

Is airsoft legal in fort Collins?

Nope it is not, at least not on public property. But in your backyard or in a second house you own used for airsoft wars. I had the po po yell at me for playing in public.

What age is using an airsoft legal?

Source, United States . Under Federal Law, . Airsoft guns are not classified as firearms and are legal for all ages under federal law, as well as the laws in each state. However, in some major cities and population centers the definition of a firearm within their respected ordin (MORE)

Are airsoft guns legal in irelanddublin?

I would check with your Customs Laws and the Local Law enforcement to find out. If it it legal, You can check out They ship internationally all the time. Check em out.

Are airsoft guns legal in Iowa?

Airsoft is legal everywhere in the US EXCEPT New York City Metro (5 Boroughs), portions of Michigan, San Francisco, and Washington DC.

Are there any airsoft stores in Illinois?

there is a store in Antioc IL called AAA tactical Airsoft. I have airsofted for 4 years and this is the only airsoft specialty store i know of. i have also seen some decent guns for sale at a Walmart in McHenry county. this is not a joke. They had the cyber gun AK-47 Spetznaz and numerous other qual (MORE)

Are airsoft guns legal in Australia?

yes and no. if you can present customs with an authentic gun license then yes but if you fail to do so it will be destroyed and you can be fined or even arrested. it's recommended that you don't try to buy an airsoft gun unless you have a license.

Are airsoft guns legal in DublinCA?

Your local police can assist you. By California law it is illegal to have any airsoft guns other than ones that are clear or neon colored out in public. Over in Pleasanton it is illegal to shoot an airsoft gun (or any type of gun that shoots any type of projectile for that matter). In Dublin, minor (MORE)

Are there any airsoft shops in Illinois?

No dude, it sucks. There are no stores even outside the city where there is a huge following. I'm from Naperville and I've just made all my purchases online through Maybe you should consider it a business venture?

Are airsoft guns legal on a plane?

No. Nothing firing a projectile is legal on a commercial airline. But if you are talking about mailing an airsoft gun to some place in the US, then yes, as long as there are now people on the commercial airplane. Email me at for any questions from airsoft guns, all the way up to real (MORE)

Is airsoft legal in australia?

Airsoft guns are indeed legal in Australia. The pellets are made ofplastic, and as long as the participants wear safety glasses, theshots are harmless.

Is airsoft legal?

yes, if not brandished or shot at anyone random in public without permission or eyewear.

Are airsoft guns legal in florida?

In the state of Florida, Airsoft guns are legal to use. Dependingon the area you live in, you would have to be age 18 or 21 in orderto purchase and use one.

Are black airsoft guns legall?

My airsoft guns looks completely real. It is completely metal, isthe accurate weight, has a real sight and accessories, and has noorange tip. The unspoken rule of airsoft is "keep it concealeduntil you reach the field" This means that I keep my rifles in areal rifle case until I'm either home or at (MORE)

Are Airsoft guns legal in Winnipeg?

Yes, they are legal to own in Winnipeg. There are the "consumer" (for lack of a better word) models that are often painted bright colors or are made out of clear plastic that can be found at Wal-Marts and Canadian Tires (to name a few stores), but there are also very realistic models (pistols, semi- (MORE)

How do you have a airsoft war?

There are two different types: Mercenary and Formed. Mercenary is when not everyone has the same equipment, you use what you buy. Formed is when everyone has the same equipment (at least on one team) and is used more often in tournaments. Basically, form two teams of honest people who will admit th (MORE)

Are Airsoft Grenade legal?

Yes, for recreational use on paintball fields. However, they are considered weapons, you may wish to not carry them around either, and check your state laws on where you may not carry them such as parades, bars, etc. You cant even have them on college grounds. In an example: my granades and CO2 w (MORE)

What are the legal colours of an airsoft gun?

Depends on your country/state. I know there are some counties that require them to be either clear or neon colored. Here in California, they must have an orange tip, but if you have them out in public you will be fined $100 if they are not neon colored or clear. Also, in my city it is illegal to sho (MORE)

What is the best airsoft gun for a airsoft war?

If you are just starting airsoft i would highly recommend an aeg, (airsoft electric gun) but if you are pro and experienced, a trained camouflaged sniper is the best, an invisible predator. However it does depend on the user of the gun. If you are asking performance wise then g&g makes the best airs (MORE)

Is owning airsoft guns legal?

yes airsoft guns are completely legal as long as they are not used as REAL FIREARMS(against animals or against human without protection). some states dont allow airsoft guns without out a permit. the states like that are NY NH NC SC ETC

Is airsoft Legal In India?

you should consult a legal advisor, as it is controversial after a petition lodged by Menka Gandhi in high court to prevent cruelty against animals (because these guns may be used for shooting of birds or other animals).

What the airsoft guns legal in Bahrain?

airsoft guns are illegal in bahrain but you can find one that is blowback only if you want to shoot,if your bb bullets finished it will not blowback,the gun is in a toy store in jid ali

Is there an airsoft league in lombard Illinois?

Yes. I'm the head of one league in Lombard. We haven't gotten a team name yet but we will soon. We are all in 5th grade and are graduating in two weeks, but don't let that surprise you because we can really put up a fight! Also there is another league in Lombard that even has an air soft minigun. (MORE)

Is airsoft legal in the Philippines?

NO, like real firearm you need to register it to the police they treated it as a real firearm. also you need to get a "permit to travel" so you can bring it anywhere you like. during election period guns,ammo,and any/or deadly weapons are totally ban until the end of the election period. during (MORE)

Is airsoft guns legal in Brunei?

No, airsoft is illegal in Brunei Darussalam. They are considered as an offensive firearm. If you try bring your own, you could face jail time up to 5 years.