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Alcoholism is often co-diagnosed with NPD. However, not all alcoholics are narcissists (though some may have narcissistic traits).

Use of many drugs including alcohol produces an overinflated sense of self. It can make the user appear more confident and more likely to take the limelight and ignore others.

I have met some alcoholics who demand that they are the centre of attention, despite their family's needs. They deny that their behaviour is a problem. This is often the root cause of child deprivation abuse and family breakdown breakdown.

I have always viewed this behaviour as the denial and selfishness of addiction and not necessarily NPD, however there does seem to be a match in many of the behaviours.

I have also noticed amongst some drinkers that, when sober, they can view themselves as valueless and have no concern for their own survival. These people are also depressive and have often suffered childhood abuse which left them with very low self esteem.

Probably using alcohol enables people to lose their conscious awareness of others needs, which they feel ill-equipped to meet. I would tend to ask, does alcohol induce narcissism?
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