Are children more likely to commit suicide from name calling verbal abuse or physical abuse?

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Not an expert on this stuff but I would say verbal abuse has a much bigger effect than physical. Verbal abuse messes with your mind to where people would be driven to do such a thing as take their own life!
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What should you do when you have been with a man that has been verbally abusive and physically abusive within a 9-year timeframe and you have 3 small children?

well if you feel that your not getting any where by talking and discusing your problems with each other then you need to get out of the situation and come to a compromise abou

What are the effects of verbal abuse on children?

the verbal abuse is a very serious matter for instance if a young child acidentilly spills a glass of milk a parent or both parents may start calling the child stupid and curs

What happens when you reveal a narcissist's secrets such as verbal abuse physical abuse suicide attempt and infidelity?

Answer . Excellent problem question. If It was you that did this exposure then what would the narcissus person do. They is perfect so why would they do? If they are actual

How can verbal or emotional abuse be considered as damaging as physical abuse?

Answer . One of the biggest issues of verbal/emotional abuse is that since there is no visible sign, other people find it easier to believe that the victim is at fault. Thi

Why do people commit suicide when the are sexually abused?

Very often the guilt of sexual abuse is transferred to the child by the abuser. The child is told that he or she has a 'secret' and mustn't tell anyone about the abuse. Afterw

What are the physical effects of child verbal abuse?

there may be no physical effects.but the child or person may become a child filled with hatred. a child who may be easily angered or very sensitive.i was a victim of verbal ab

Is verbal abuse worse than physical abuse?

They can both be bad.Its like chewing tobacco and smoking tabcco, They both cause cancer one just does it quicker and in a different part of the body.Death can occur from eith

How do you protect your children from a verbally abusive grandma?

You are in charge of your own children! You have to set the rules and talk to the grandmother about her abusive ways with your children and if she refuses to listen to you the
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Who usually commits physical abuse?

Everyone! Well, that is a generalized blanket statement, but it has elements of truth. It is the degrees of abuse that would be the question. But generally speaking, for not